Need for Speed™ No Limits APK Latest v1.6.6 Download for Android Added on Oct 21, 2016

Name: Need for Speed™ No Limits Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Category: Racing
Version: 1.6.6 Updated: Nov 04, 2016 Downloads: 205

Select a wonderful racing car and participate in racing game through Need for Speed No Limit Apk. The latest version of the game established huge fan following within the short time. You can download Need for Speed No Limits Apk through the link provided below, but before proceeding to download let’s discuss some of the key features of the game.

Features of Need for Speed No Limit Apk

The game is most popular in the selected category of racing. No matter how long you are participating in these games in real life, and how much you have skills to control your car in different places and ways, but in this game all these skills give you the best achievements and rating stars to grow your racing performance.

Millions of users around the globe rated 4.3+ stars for the best levels and user friendly features. These stars not only for the riders but also the lovers who playing racing games on their mobiles. If you have no car in real life, then go with the Need for Speed No Limits and choose the most powerful and attractive cars for speed.

Hold your control on your car and follow the rules which help you to break the records of other. Your careful driving makes you successful to reach next level. The next level will also give you the best stars to promote your car and access to the best other cars. You can win the trophies if you focus on your speed and avoid to crash your car in road blocks.

Best racing makes you winner of a level and also gives you the positive reputation in the game. This reputation helps you to pick the level for more speed with secure road. These wining and rising racing talent makes you the top rider among others.

If you’re not good in racing and always needs any help to come out from any difficult road, you need to purchase full Apk which also help you to ride without any hurdles. This full Apk has features to secure your driver from any difficulty. You can also jump to the next level by skipping the one.

The roads are also full of blocks crews and other hurdles to take you to down and give you the high challenge to reach the line. There is also possibility to meet accidents several times due to these hurdles, but you need to be more careful and speedup your level best to reach the winning position.

If you are not being able to speed up your car, then you can’t be the best riders. Therefore, you need to be more strong and clever to win the race. Once you failed to reach the winning time, you need to start your level from zero.

At starting point of the game don’t expect to be the best riders and you will have the best car in the world. It depends on your riding capacity. If you’re the most perfect car racer then you can get easily cars, even you can ride with BMW and more other best cars of the world.

After successfully completion of different levels, you can earn coins and other trophies. These trophies and coins will help you to purchase new model cars and fuel for your car. You can also cover yourself from the hurdles and make your perfect moves. You can also buy best suits to protect from any mishaps.

The game has also high customization levels. You can play the game individually or you can participate in racing tournaments. It is your choice which one is perfect for you. Don’t lose hope while driving and comeback once you lose the level.

Need for Speed No Limit APK is award winning game in different years. More than 60 players are allowing to participate in the racing competitions. Drive safely and reach the winning position to declare yourself as a champion.

Need for Speed No Limit Apk latest version 1.5.3(1420) has been released with improvement of performance and bugs fixed. If you will face any difficulty in the game, you can contact with developers on

 The total size of the game is 14MB your android device needs 4.0.3 – 4.0.4 and up to exercise all features.