4G Liker (FB) APK Latest v22.0.4 Download for Android Added on Feb 12, 2017

Name: 4G Liker (FB) Developer: Yapp! Category: Social
Version: 22.0.4 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 23870

Get 350+ likes in a single submit. 4 liker is spam free auto liker providing auto likes on Facebook statuses, pictures, and videos. If your statuses, photos, and videos not making any supportive marks on the internet, then you can use app to get instant likes and comments without spamming your account. There are multiple likers available on the internet, most of them trusted by the millions of users around the globe. 4G liker is one the trusted apps, which is providing multiple likes in a single submit.

Each liker has some important features and steps that needs to follow for getting instant likes without breaching any contract with the developers. These apps have certain policies, which are best guide for the users. In this post, we will explain some these key features and steps to know about the app before installing on smartphones.

  • 4G liker is spam free app that provides more than 350+ likes in each submission.
  • You can use your photos, statuses, and videos to get instant likes. You can also use your album to get like.
  • All the likes are real and the website fetching through their million users around the globe.
  • After fifteen minutes, you can resubmit the activity to get more likes.
  • The services are not limited to the likes, but you can get unlimited comments, page likes and increase fan following.

You need to follow some steps to use these features on your Facebook activities. You can go through the steps below to make the app work perfectly.

  • You need to select audience to the public through your Facebook account.
  • Enable fan following and allow people to follow your profile on Facebook.
  • If your status is posted for selected audience, then the app will not work properly. Make sure that all your statuses, photos, and videos are visible to the public.
  • Therefore, go to your Facebook account setting and make all post to the public.

After installing the app, the service needs some steps to get access to the app services. The service needs auto generated token to get access to the service. You need to follow the step 1 and click the link to generate token. You need to copy the URL of the next tap and paste on the area of “Submit Token Here” and login to access the services.

The app needs your Facebook account to access your profile. Just follow the link steps to make the app works. 4G liker app will never publish your personal information on the in internet without your permission.

You can also explore more features through installing 4G liker APK for the link below. After installing the APK files, follow onscreen steps to complete the process. 4G Liker APK is free to user on the internet. Download 4G Liker APK and enjoy getting free likes.

4G Liker (FB)
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