99 Liker APK Latest v1.0 Download for Android Added on Aug 04, 2017

Name: 99 Liker Developer: Naeem Iqbal Rao Category: Social
Version: 1.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 1843

99 Liker APK is another great application for android users. The app will help you get massive likes on your facebook account. You can access your photos, videos, and status updates through the platform and submit to get likes. It is not a spam or booted software. All your likes will obtain from the real users. Once you will access the app, you will use access token to use features of the app. Millions of people around the globe using access token to get access to the main interface of the app. The access token is your signup and you will automatically be liking others status, photos, or updates. All the process will have happened backend of the app. You’re not only one who needs access token for using features, there are another user doing the same. Everyone is aware about the system and process.

Same as other Auto Likers, 99 Liker have the same features. You need access token to approach main interface of the platform. The interface of the app is amazing and there are more than one features, which you need to use on your mobile phone. Massive likes on your status updates will attract actual users to pay attention to what you have posted on facebook. This will increase your social popularity in social media. Increasing popularity will push your public relation with other people. These facilities will also increase user engagement and helpful to engage users with your product and services.

“If you are tired to get very small likes on your social media account, then try 99 Liker APK on your mobile phone. The system will give you massive likes on your single click.” Says 99 Liker developers on their app description. They also provided their phone number to contact. If you think that you have something new to add on the app, then feel free to contact. The developers are keen to know about your suggestion.

The simple process below will lead you download APK file of the app.

  • Download 99 Liker APK through the link provided below.
  • Locate the file in your download folder or locate the download location in your mobile memory.
  • Launch the file.
  • Follow onscreen options and complete the installation.
  • Allow 99 Liker to access basic information of your public profile. Yes, your facebook profile.

Before going to launch the file, you need to make some changes on your facebook account.

  • Go to your facebook profile setting.
  • Select the audience of your post and make all your post to the public.
  • Save the profile changes and go to 99 Liker platforms.
  • Use your photos, videos, and status updates to get likes. All your data will appear on 99 Liker APK Platform.

The app is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. Download the 99 Liker APK and enjoy getting likes on your social media account.

99 Liker
1843 Installs

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