ABLiker (Auto Liker) APK Latest v2.52 Download for Android Added on Aug 09, 2017

Name: ABLiker (Auto Liker) Developer: Apental Category: Social
Version: 2.52 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 5879

AB Liker APK is another great tool to increase facebook likes through a simple process. Engaging people on your profile will be helpful to increase your popularity in social media.  Millions of people around the globe are using facebook to share updates, photos, and videos. Other people posting their reactions and commenting their views on the status you have shared. These connections are very important to grow your popularity among your friends and social circle. You need more focus in your profile you want to increase your social circle to boost your posts. If you already have different connection that gives you high mark on the internet, then it is not a good move to get auto likes on your updates, but if you have a circle and you don’t have massive likes and comments on your updates, then it feels really frustrating. To relax your mind and grow your profile, you need such appreciable comments and likes on your status. To do that, you need to install ABLiker APK through the link provided below. The app is more reliable to get likes and comments on your facebook status. Either you posted photos, updates or you posted videos. The app will work on all your updates.

ABLiker APK is an automation tool to get highest likes and comments on each post you submit on the platform. It is very easy and with a simple step you can amazingly increase likes on your social updates. The app is compatible for both android mobiles and tablets. Doesn’t matter, which device you’re using. Just install the APK file and launch. The app also has unique features which blow your mind at the time of submission of your status. It also comes with few instructions, which are related to your facebook account. Without following those instructions, you cannot access your facebook information in AB Liker App. Before going to discuss these instructions, let’s collect some great features of the file. ABLiker APK is free from all charges. You don’t need to pay any single penny to the developers for their best development. It is free from all charges, but some ads will appear on your mobile phone while using the app on your mobile phone. AB Liker App using real user to increase your likes and comments. They will never spam your account for the activity nor they steal your personal information. The app working directly from the server of facebook.

You can increase multiple likes in a single submission. There is no other Auto Liker APK available in the list, which compete the ABLiker. There are also more features available other than likes, which you can enjoy after accessing the platform. To exercise all those features you just need to follow some instructions, which we are going to discuss. Firstly, go to your facebook account and enable follower option from your account setting. Let people see your posts and follow you on the internet. Secondly, go to your profile setting and make your post to the public. Posts those are selected for the specific audience will never appear on the ABLiker Platform. you must insure that all your posts have been selected for the public. After installing the app, you need to generate access token. the token will help you for access the main menu. Once you will click on the Token option, the new window will appear on your mobile. You just need to copy the URL for the new window and paste on AB Liker selected location. Without generating Token, you will not be able to get access to the main page.

There are other features available with the app. You can enjoy these features without paying any money. The latest version of ABLiker APK has been released with improvement of performance and almost all bugs fixed, which were identified in the previous version. Download ABLiker APK and enjoy. 

ABLiker (Auto Liker)
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