Applock APK Latest v2.30.4 Download for Android Added on Oct 24, 2016

Name: Applock Developer: DoMobile Lab Category: Tools
Version: 2.30.4 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 77

Keep in secret your mobile’s stuff from others hand through Applock APK developed by Domobile, which is one of great applications available for free to download. Keep hide your personal data from all those friends those are always keeping your mobile on their hand, accessing your private stuff and you are always trying to hide your personal data from them or keeping your eye on your mobile while your mobile in others hand, then protect your android stuff through the application you have installed on your mobile.

So, if you are thinking that which one is the best app to use on your android mobiles, here I am sharing the most perfect and effective application “AppLock Apk for Android” developed by DoMobiles and now it has been released with more improvement of performance and features updates. The app is compatible for android mobiles and tablets and don’t think too much to install on your android mobile through the link provide below.

Unlimited features and important updates make the app powerful and fast growing the download on the internet. People around the globe thinking that keeping their stuff from others eye is on priority basis, therefore they are applying the strong apps lock options. Therefore, they are choosing the best Applock Apk to protect their mobiles and their stuffs. The app is free to download and you can easily download through the link provided below, but before installing on android phones we are going to share some key features which helps you to exercise these features on your android mobiles.

If your friends are taking your mobiles and playing games, searching your media library and songs, then let them do it, but you need to keep all your stuff is in safe mode. After installing the application on your mobile phone, you don’t need to worry about private stuff.

Through the application, protect your contacts, messages, media library, photos, social accounts, email accounts and the whole phone. You can do with all in one password or make it separately.

Any time you can separate your files by applying applock Apk separate password feature on your mobile phone. If you are not comfortable to lock the phone, media libraries and photo gallery, then you can choose the video and photo to lock.

The app is also allowed to change your home screen with fake theme or photo and keep away other people to access your mobile’s stuff. You can manage to lock your videos, hide videos and apply screen touch lock to different libraries, photo gallery and video galleries.

Protect your special game you have paused in the middle, so other will never try to access and lose your game points, as well as you can easily protect your private application.

The app has also ability and updated features to prevent uninstalling apps from your android mobiles. Once you have used security codes, your system will prevent to uninstalling the apps without password you have given. All apps are safe only you can do the task and you are the only authority to choose which one is needed to uninstall.

Through unlock policy and guideline you can recover or change your password within a second, if you forget your password, then it is not a big deal, you can recover through these two steps.

You need to upgrade the AppLock in latest version, in the latest version show you applock icon and in right corner where you will find option of forget password.

Click the option and enter your secret question. “You must select the select the secret question before applying locks/ passwords on your mobile phones”.

You can also choose your personal email address to get access code form applock Apk. The application will send a code on your email address and through the code you can access to recover your phones locks where you can also unlock your mobile phone.

It is better you will remember all your locks to avoid to go through the above procedure.

The application is compatible for android mobiles and tablets, offered by DoMobiles. You can contact developers on Install the application from the link below and launch the APK file on your smart phones.

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