Bubble Shooter Classic APK Latest v1.8 Download for Android Added on Dec 09, 2016

Name: Bubble Shooter Classic Developer: Bubble Gaming Category: Casual
Version: 1.8 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 25

Earn maximum points through breaking the same color bubbles in the game Bubble Shooter Classic. We have mentioned our earlier post of Bubble Shooter Game that, bubble shooter games are most exciting to play on any android mobiles and tablets. In this post, we are sharing Bubble Shooter Classic APK file for free to download. The game is free to download any android mobiles or tablet and start play without paying any penny to the developers. The game has unique feature and interesting game-play options that will connect you with the game until you will not finish the levels. More points can be earned once you play best shot. The game has multiple features that make this game popular in this category.

There are plenty of apps and games are available on the internet and almost all of them are best for their unique features and different operating options. It is almost difficult to choose the best game or app to use on the phone without known its impressive features and game-play. Therefore, we are going to share some features of the Bubble Shooter Classic APK through the post which will give your best experience while playing the game on your smartphone.

The basic theme of the game is to earn points as probable. You need to smash more than three bubbles in one shot. You need to smash more than three same colors in a single shot. If you will target maximum bubbles in a single play, then you will be able to get more points. In the bottom of your mobile screen, an arrow will show to hit the bubble. There are two types of scene available in the game. If you miss a shot, then the selected bubble will attach with other bubbles of the screen. If you miss continuously shots, then some more bubbles will throw form the top that will acquire your mobile screen and possible risk to lose the game.

There is a sequence for throwing bubbles form the top. After six shots, a single line of bubbles will add on your screen. Possibly, these new bubbles will smash some rows after matching the colors and it is also possibly that this new row will minimize your screen option. There is no other chance to smash all the bubbles except destroy them. You can lose the level, if the bubbles covered the mobile full screen.

The game is open to control. You can choose the complete level to play again. You can choose the next level once you will complete the existing level. You can burst more bubbles after getting more points. These points will give you the unique drones to hit the bubbles, as we have discussed our earlier post of Futurama: Game of Drones to smash almost all bubbles in a single shot. The game also has beautiful graphics and amazing interface designed. The sound and noises are good as compare to others.

Bubble Shooter Classic APK considered to be the best game for playing in office, home and in parks. You can download Bubble Shooter Classic APK form the link below. We have shared only APK file in this link. If the game needs any external support, then get the support from any external source. After installing the game on your mobile phone, launch its APK file to play. Enjoy Playing.

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