CCleaner APK Latest v1.20.82 Download for Android Added on Oct 24, 2016

Name: CCleaner Developer: Piriform Category: Tools
Version: 1.20.82 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 53

Cleaner is powerful tool for android mobiles and tablets. CCleaner APK for android is available for free to download and you can install on your device through the link provided at last of this post. The latest version is compatible for android mobiles and tablets.

Protecting android mobile is very easy these days because of releasing unlimited free antivirus apps on the internet. These apps contain different features to safe mobile from any malicious files. You need to choose the best application to protect your mobile from unwanted threads and other file which contains malicious stuff. Therefore, always chose the best app and CCleaner is the one of these best apps.

The antivirus tool contains multiple features and option which make you feel comfortable to keep safe your mobile from viruses and other Trojan files. Make yourself relax with using CCleaner on your android mobiles which is the best and recommendable from users.

 In this article, we will discuss some of the important features of CCleaner to understand clearly before going to download on mobile phones. These features will be helpful to use your application on your mobile phone.

Features of CCleaner Apk

  • Make your device faster and smooth to work easily on your phone. CCleaner protect your mobile from Trojan, Thefts, threads and those entire files which contains malicious threads.
  • CCleaner will clean all your junk and catch files to make your mobile smooth and maintain fast speed. These junks and catch files taking mobiles memory which cause of slow down mobile speed.
  • Ensure your new apps will not cause of your mobile damage, if any app which you’re downloading will check for risks. If any app contains malicious files the app will automatically stop to launch on your mobile phone.
  • Once you have installed any file on your phone, the file will store in your File Manager and will not launch on your mobile until CCleaner will not checked for threats.
  • CCleaner automatically clear your browsing history and catch file to avoid carrying load on your mobile memory.
  • If your mobile storage seems full with hidden file and you’re not finding these hidden files, then the app will automatically find these hidden files and show information on your screen for your next action. You can delete or uninstall these hidden files to create free space on your mobile phone.
  • Clean your download folder, Bluetooth folder and Zapya app to clean mobile memory from threads and other malicious files.
  • Live time detector will automatically scan your mobile to throw out the threads. You can also schedule scanning to update your mobile to avoid any vulnerability.
  • You can also keep track and your mobile usage through the automatic tracking system.
  • Checkout your mobile battery consumption timing if your mobile shows low battery level, then keep saver on to maximum usage of battery timing.
  • The latest version has been released with improvement of performance and reported bugs fixed.

There are also different apps are available to protect your mobile phone from unwanted threats such apps are free to download. You can also choose Avira Antivirus, Avast Antivirus and 360 Security App. Choose one of the above apps which are guaranteed for their best services. If you have any concern regarding the CCleaner APK, you can contact with developers on

CCleaner is one of the most popular apps for protecting mobiles from threads and thefts. Its anti-theft feature will help you for tracking your mobile and it will help you to protect from all kind of thefts.  The feature available in pro full version. You can download the APK file through the link below and install on your mobile phone. After installing, locate the APK file and launch. Follow the onscreen options to complete installation. Download the file and enjoy.

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