Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise APK Latest v1.8.28 Download for Android Added on Dec 06, 2016

Name: Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise Developer: Elex Wireless Category: Strategy
Version: 1.8.28 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 38

After successfully releasing Clash of Royale, the new game Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise has been released with new mind blowing ideas and tips to invade everything comes in front of you and destroy the queens mentioned to get the crown. No, this is not a single way to play the game on your smart phone, you can also choose to eliminate invaders from the game to protect your queen’s castle.  There are two types of modes that will create your new paths every day. Either you’re playing as protector or as invader, you must collect the points and golds to make your army powerful.

We have added Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise APK file in this post for download. The APK file is free and clean to use on android mobiles without paying any penny to developers. You can download Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise APK file on your mobile and launch to play the game with a single tap. We will also discuss the game modes and the awesome features in this article, that will help you to choose the best mode to conquer the queen or win the golds as best protector.

There are lots of opportunities available in the game that you will catch in this game. It doesn’t matter, which game mode you have chosen to play on your smartphones. You need to raise your army and trained them to get the best points that will make you’re as winner. You can train your army to fight with the opponents with a strategic plan. As we have discussed in strategic games that, without powerful strategies, you will not be able to win the points. In this game, you have the best choice is to raise your army and train them to clear the targets.

The most powerful weapon of the game is your dragons. No matter which side you’re choosing to fight, you will have the best dragons to turn the game levels. The fires and the destruction done by the dragon will put you to the winning point. It is so easy to get your dragons out of the bars, but you must have enough coins and points to make a new trail to fight with your opponent. Once you will collect coins, you can replace these coins to purchase some more powers to increase the fires of dragon.

There are different parts of royal mention you will see on the starting of the game. The mention will cover with beautiful walls and greenery. The city of royal covered with the beautiful city and grounds. But as other games, there also have some invader and protectors are engaged in different clashes in the mention and other areas. You can defeat them to eliminate or make them to your allies to win the war. You can also join online social platform to make your friends to lineup the best army of the game.

You have always two choices in the game. You can choose to fight for your queen to protect the crown and defeat the invaders protect the mention and castle. You can also choose to destruct the queens mention to break the queen’s dynasty. You can choose the best mode, make your own choice, and go through the path that suit you. Build your own kingdom and make your own allies to raise the wars and dragon’s firs. Your extra points will help you to manage new dragons and the firs. So, make new friends and take pride of fighting. 

Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise APK is the top-rated game in the category. The game has best positive critics reviews and user’s feedback. You can easily download Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise APK through the link below and launch to play on your android mobiles and tablets. As we have mentioned that, we are sharing only APK file of the game, if the game needs and data, then you must install from any external source. Enjoy the play.

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