Clash Royale APK Latest v1.9.2 Download for Android Added on Nov 16, 2016

Name: Clash Royale Developer: Supercell Category: Strategy
Version: 1.9.2 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 104

Enter in a game arena and destroy your opponent to get the king’s crown. In Clash Royale game, you need to make a best plan to get the king’s crown, before they will take yours. There are multiple levels available in the game and the level 13 is the last level, which is most difficult to play. Clash Royale comes with multiple features in the latest version. We will discuss these features one by one in this post.

There are multiple arenas of the game, where you will be going to attack on your opponent. You can win the game only when you will destroy your opponent player and reach the king’s crown. When you will enter in the initial levels; you will face difficult strategies from your opponents to take your best path before you will go on their site. If you think that, the game is difficult to play with multiplayer, then you can practice in training camp. This training camp is free for practicing. It is the best option to practice while entering the real game play.

There are total 13 levels available to play in Clash Royale game. You can reach the top level only getting high score in each level. You can only rank your player by getting high trophies and achievements. When you will defeat your opponents, you will be given trophies. Build a best defense wall to defend your Kingdom and kings landing. You can only access to the trophies by defeating your enemy’s walls and crowns.

When you will enter in the game, you need to choose 4 cards from the deck of eights cards. These cards will be helpful to destroy other players. Each card has fixed timing to attack on the other players. It is only possible to attack, when you have enough trophies to get these cards from the deck. You must get enough elixir to get these cards. You can use these cards to build your own army for attacking the king’s towers. You can win the elixir from playing with your best strategies, and these elixirs will replenish in every 2.8 seconds. The deck will automatically full with the cards. Once you will play a single card, the desk will fill the new cards automatically.

The game is free to play, but some features are available in app store for purchasable mode. These features include Gems and Golds. You need to spend real money to unlock the gems and golds. The Gems and golds will be used for purchasing the chest and cards from the shop. Clash Royale is multiplayer game and once you win the multiplayer battle, you will get a chest. There are multiple chests available in the game, each chest is taking time to unfold other features. Silver chests is taking 3 hours to unlock, golden chests will take 8 hours, Giants, magical and epic chests will take up-to the 12 hours to unfold the other features.

Gems are using to speed up unlocking other features and it is also best to purchase a chest. These chests are using to get the war troops, cards, gold cards and multiple crown cards. You can unlock different chest from the different levels by playing at the high-level. A single player can hold up to the 4 chests in a single time, but it is depending upon the use of these chests. If you will get the best result of using these chests, then the deck will full automatically with these cards.

There are total three crowns in a level including a king’s crown. As we have said that, this is a multiplayer game. Therefore, you must understand that, your opponent will also have the same skills to beat you on the ground, and there also has multiple chance to get your crown. Therefore, you need to fight with the side crowns to get the high power to attack on king’s crown. You also need best defensive wall to protect your crowns.

You need to use 9 different arenas for attacking on your opponent. You can prepare clans and troops to attack on your opposite players. The latest version also has introduced a new tournament in level 8, you can access this tournament by winning level 7 in Clash Royale.

In this post, we are sharing Clash Royale APK file for free to download. The latest Clash Royale APK file has been released for multiple countries of the world, but some countries are still locked to install, but the APK file in this post is free to download for all users around the world.

Download Clash Royale APK free on your smartphone. Install the game on your phone and enjoy playing.