Clean Master (Boost & Antivirus) APK Latest v5.15.7 Download for Android Added on Feb 08, 2017

Name: Clean Master (Boost & Antivirus) Developer: Cheetah Mobile Category: Tools
Version: 5.15.7 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 45

Android has wonderful security system to protect the mobiles from outsource files that will possibly crack your mobile phone. The RAM management system is fabulous and their cleaning system is really works on the new brand mobiles as well.  

Sometime, users facing kind of troubles that knock on the mobiles memory and cause of battery draining.  These files containing malware and some hidden coded junks files that are not visible to the eyes and using different apps not properly working to remove from the memory. Therefore, users looking for those apps, which will work bitterly in their mobile phone.

Another thing that really frustrating, when someone keeping your mobile phone without your permission and checking your personal files for fun. You cannot them to do that because you don’t want to hurt them.

When you’re in market and trying to capture some interesting movement on your mobile phone and sudden your mobile phones stuck. You cannot capture those beautiful movements. These only happens when your mobile phone dumped with unwanted apps and different catch and junk files. These files creating space in your mobile memory and draining your mobile battery and effecting speed as well.

To protect your mobile phone, you need an app that will perform all these activities. Without going multiple apps, you can perform all these activities through a single app. Clean Master (Cleaner) is one of these apps, which is providing mobile cleaning facility to manage your android device in better way. Through Clean Master you can clean your mobile phone with a single tap.

Clean Master Boost & Antivirus auto feature will always protect your mobile from unwanted malware and clean your catch and junk files in real-time. You don’t need to go further applications to protect your private stuff from other’s eyes. You can just protect your private data with Clean Master App. Which is perfect for android mobiles and tablets.

If your mobile phone battery suddenly down very quickly without any installation or function that mean you have some sort of hidden running apps, which are draining your mobile’s battery timing. Clean Master APK will identify over the real timer and will remove from your mobile phones.

Another great feature of the app is to remove catch and junk files directly from the memory. If your mobile loaded with massive junk files, then probably you’re facing your mobile speed. Clean Master APK will automatically remove all the junk files to create free memory in your mobile phone that will speed up your mobile phones.

Unwanted stuff also useless in your mobile phone and keeping high-level of memory that will cause of mobile malfunction sometime. Protect is necessary for android mobiles. Outside malware sometime hits mobile internal memory and possible that will disturb your mobile performance. Antivirus Apps will always keep your mobiles away from these unwanted features.

Without going to separate application, you can use Clean Master antivirus features to protect your mobile phone from unwanted viruses and malware. The real-time protection will work in deep searching memory and the feature will never use your RAM or internal mobile memory.

Keep your mobile phone cool is another great effort to retain mobiles performance. Without proper setup, there is no option, which will provide the cooling system, but Clean Master APK has the option to make cool your mobile CPU and the activity will also best for keeping mobile in a safe condition. The feature will cool down you mobile CPU and keep your mobile phone adjustable.

There also multiple feature available in the app. Like, Antivirus, Applock, Speed Booster, clean memory and delete unwanted files and many more. You can explore more than that through Downloading Clean Master APK from the provided link below.

Download Clean Master APK through the link and install. Follow the available options and enjoy its free features. The app is also compatible for android mobiles and tablets. Download and Enjoy.