Counter Strike APK Latest v1.6 Download for Android Added on Nov 08, 2016

Name: Counter Strike Developer: Counter Force Ltd Category: Action
Version: 1.6 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 74

People serving their time on the internet to find action games to play on their smartphones without paying real money to developers. Some of these games are popular to play, but sometime, it is difficult to find these games on Google Play to install on your phones. Therefore, people searching on the internet to find these games.

Counter Strike is one of those games, which is not easily found in the Google Play. Therefore, we are bringing the Counter Strikes APK file to download directly on smart phones without going any complex process. The game has the best action features and reviews on their account and found most popular on the action series. We will discuss further about the features and characters of the game.

Counter Strike game was first released in 1999. After releasing its first version, the game got 10000 hits that was the biggest success for the game and for the developers. The developers continue the format and released for IOS, Linux and android operating system. The game is highly customization and most perfect for the tablets. You can also customize the game on your smartphones.

Counter Strike is an action game where you need to pick the side. Usually people choosing the hero side, which is most exciting is to eliminate the enemies that are involved in destruction of the city. In this game, you need to fight with these enemies with guns, shotguns, knife and other weapons available in the game. You need to be very careful while fighting with the terrorist. You need to save yourself defuse bombs and carry operations on the terrorist forts, and eliminate them from the city.

These terrorists are engaging people to save their lives, sometimes you can face hostage situation in the game. In that case, you are responsible to carry a foolproof operation to kill the terrorist and save the hostages. When you will face any hostile situation in the game, you need to be more careful and fight back with these destructive forces choosing another side of the streets. There are more harmful buildings covered with these hidden dynamites and bombs. If you’ve got skill, you can easily defuse these harmful gears.

All the action scenes and other fighting material is available in the game. You can choose the weapons that are best to fight on the street or in the buildings. It is very easy to choose the weapons. You can choose to fight with these available weapons that are showing on your mobile screen. You can easily pick these weapons through tapping on your mobile’s screen.

There are different tasks available in the game that will give you the extreme power to get high achievements. Same tasks are available in other games like Angry Birds and Criminal Case. These tasks will give you the best rewards on best achievements. If you have done a great job and killed these terrorists on the go, then you will be given high rating. These ratings will improve your shooting performance and these rewards are also will helpful for defusing the bombs and moving for safe side.

If you will face and hostile situation in the game, you can pick your knife and attack from the reverse position of the terrorist, these attacks will give the best attacking rewards. All these available in game, but you need to fight with dignity and choose the best weapon for Massive destruction at terrorist side and get high achievements.

The 3D graphic design of the game is eye-catching and you will feel yourself in real battlefield. The interface of the game seems reality, and you will not lose your attention while the game on your android mobiles. You can play the online, fi you’ve strong internet connection. The game is playing on facebook by millions of users around the globe.

If you’ve unstable internet connection, then you must download Counter Strike APK file on your android mobiles and launch it to play offline. If the game needs OBB Data, then you need to install the data separately. We are only sharing APK file to download. The game is also having option to play with multiplayer or you can carry operation individually.

The updated version of the game is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. The attached APK file fetch with the updated version of Counter Strike APK. Download the game and enjoy playing on your smart phones.

Counter Strike
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