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Name: Criminal Case Developer: Pretty Simple Category: Adventure
Version: 2.14.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 72

Investigate the extreme crime scenes in Criminal Case. The No.1 adventure for android mobiles. Firstly, the game was released on 2013 for windows and IOS and followed the rules to release for Android mobiles and a year back the game has been released for android mobiles and tablets. After releasing the first version, the game got high popularity on the internet and considered as top rated adventurer games in the world.

When we are talking about its popularity, we can say that millions of people around the globe playing daily on facebook and the numbers of payers still increasing.  If you’ve not connected with a stable connection, then you can choose to download APK file of the game to play offline on your mobile phones. Therefore, we’re fetching the APK file of the game to solve the problem.

We have been watching and following investigation stories/ shows on the TV and internet. Following the investigation, which have been made to identify the criminal and put them behind the bar. The Criminal Case game is also following the same pattern to investigate the crime scene of a murder cases in the most corrupt cities.

In the game-play, the game start when a young lady named Rosa was found death at the city of Grimsborough and her body laid down near to a knife. At the first autopsy report said that; the killer cut the throat of Rosa with sharp knife with the right hand. The intimal clue was that; the killer has used right hand to kill the girl.

There are different characters you will find in the game. These characters make this game more interesting and improving personal ability to crack the cases. The game starts, when a murder case reported to the investigation team led by the Police of Grimsborough, which is include six (6) members team. Where the main player is not included. The team members are helping the main player to investigate the crime scene until they will not snap the killer.

Grimsborough investigation team investigating the crimes scene in the city. They have curtain rules and regulations to investigate the crime scene. They are now allowed to beat the citizens of the city which is not in the rules of the investigation agency. They are following the given tasks; they interview people and picking the clues, which will helpful in the investigations. They can search the crime scene, interviewing from the witnesses and suspects. They collect the certain evidence and crack the crime scene and put the killer behind the bar.

As we mentioned that, there are six members in the team, that includes Samuel King, which is reading the criminal files and issuing orders to those suspects, that seems to involve in the criminal scene. He is helping to the team for bringing the justice. He is also take supervision of the team to made right decision. Another character David Jones, he is active partner of the player, which is looking homicide investigation. Nathan Pandit is responsible to make autopsies and prepare reports the body and murder weapon. Sometime he is caring the medical lab, which is based on preparing reports of autopsies. Grace Delaney is lab chief and if and responsible to look all the rules in the lab. Sometime he is not appearing the game. He is experts in anatomic forensics, in that case, Bathan Pandit is taking care of the lab. The fifth character Alex Turner is expert in the technical expert and join the crime scene to feedback the player on technical area. The last character Eduardo Ramirez is a field office, which is help player is keeping on close eye to the issues and suspects. He is also helping the player to get the point.

The most popular character of the game is your player, which is the front main of the game. The player leading the team of the above six peoples. He is a friend of Jones and most talented to investigate the crime scene and work until the justice will not be done. He is responsible to investigate the crime with the help of the team, looking interviews of the suspects and other report prepared the organization.

When you will start playing, you will see the most characters will appear and most of them will not appear because of some pro features of the game. Therefore, you will need to buy some features and objects after paying some real money, that is not more to crack the crime scene and put the criminal behind the bar.

As we have mentioned that, in the game there are certain rules to investigate the crimes scene. The team only picking the evidence through clicking on the things. You can pick the evidences with tapping on your mobile screen. Like Cut the Rope and Temple Run, you can earn points with choosing the right things, which will helpful to crack the crime scene. Right decision will help you to earn good points. These points are also will be helpful to put your strong doubt on the killer.

The game will close, when you will crack the crime scene and make our strong point on the criminal. You need strong evidence to point out the killer and put the killer behind the bar. There are multiple criminal cases available in the game and you are not bound to pick any case on your smart phone to play. There are also multiple criminals are available in the game and only your strong evidences will crack the killer.

Criminal Case is real challenging game. You can download its APK file from the link below to play online on your smart phones. The APK file is safe and available for direct download. The updated version of Criminal Case APK is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. Download and enjoy the game.

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