Crossy Road APK Latest v2.1.2 Download for Android Added on Nov 29, 2016

Name: Crossy Road Developer: Yodo1 Games Category: Action
Version: 2.1.2 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 35

Cross the roads through the point, where you can save your player’s life. This is Crossy Road Game for android users with amazing features and clean design. In this post, we are sharing Crossy Road APK file to download. The APK file is free and safe to install on android mobiles and tablets. The objective of the game is to go as far as you can through middle of the roads and rivers. There are also multiple features available in the game that makes Crossy Road more interesting to play on android mobiles. We will discuss some of these features to explore more about the game.

A rush road where traffic is so speedy and the rivers flow side by side with the roads to make the game challenge able. Your player’s movement and life is on your hand and without losing the character, you need to cross the roads and rivers. There is no other chance to go far without taking risk in the game. There are some directions available in the game and you need to move taking safety line. There are moving paths offered on riverside, move your player, and jump up on these paths and cross the river.

There are many obstacles which may cause of your player’s life end. These may take you to the initial stage to play again. The roads are rush due to the heavy traffic and you need to cross the road when traffic become slow down. The initial level is very easy. You will easily include your name in the top of the player at initial levels, but the obstacles will take their positions to make the game difficult in later levels. The developers put some puzzles in the game to make challenge able. There are some mysterious train roads available in the game, and you need to be more careful while crossing these tracks. The signals will intimate the movement of trains and the busy tracks as well. If the signal rings, then you need to wait until the train will pass the tracks.

When you will be going to cross a signal or a road, there will be a mysterious gift available in the middle of the path. You can pick these gifts and coins and earn point to uplift your game. More points will give you more features that help you to get more lives in the game. You can also earn golds in the game. The gold will be given to you, if you played without wasting time and losing life.

If you’re thinking that, which player is good to make your game interesting. So, let’s discuss about the Crossy Road characters as well. There are some mysterious characters accessible in the game, which make your game exciting. You can use your gold coins to unblock the characters in the game. The princess of all cosmos is hidden and need certain amount of points to unhide. The king of Cosmos, I am sure the character will need some more points to explore at the time when you’re unblocking the princess. The queen of all cosmos is another amazing character, the character is interesting and you can explore with managing at rainbow site. You can shoot the charm by managing some objects into rainbow colors. Sure, you will do it.

Bones, iceberg, seal, Chinese monster, coconut water, purple bloop, yeti, totem, Inky and many more characters need your attention to put their part in the game. Cross Road Wiki updates said that, there are more than 145 character available in the game with 119 unlockable characters and 22 secret characters. You can explore these characters through earning coins, golds, machines and gifts in the game. You can also play the game with one character. Add gifts to your scoreboard to make you free from hurdles.

Crossy Road APK receiving positive feedback and reviews form the game critics. The game also has won the award “Game of the year 2014” and Australian best game developers award. You will love the game, once you will play on your mobile phone. Crossy Road APK is free to download. So, install the Crossy Road APK file on your smart phones and launch to play. Enjoy.

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