Cut the Rope 2 APK Latest v1.6.8 Download for Android Added on Nov 03, 2016

Name: Cut the Rope 2 Developer: ZeptoLab Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.6.8 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 39

Cut the Rope 2 APK is fun loving game playing by millions of people around the globe. In this game, you don’t have to follow the target to destroy the enemies and get the rewards. The game is based on a sweet subject to find the candies to feed your subject. Your subject/ player name is Om Nom which based on a character to find the candies.

The game needs your strong drive to get the candies and feed your character in the game. There is no specific way or area to find these candies. Therefore, you need to move to the roads, forest, streets and climbed up the walls to get the best candies. You also need bridges to connect your character to next cities.

In Cut the Rope 2 game feeds with new character to help the main players Om Nom. If you played very well the helper character will join your player in the game for helping them to find the new candy stores. To reached these helping characters you need to play very well in the game. The player has unique moves with loving move and actions.

The main character coming out from the box and wondering the place he started living. He moves quickly all over the places to find something to eat. He finds different foods to eat, like pizzas, foods, vegetables and other things, but the main object needs only candies to eat. Because he loves to eat candies only. Therefore, you need to be careful to find candies.

In this game Cut the Rope 2 Apk, you need to become very clever to look what your character is eating. If Om Nom eat something other than candy, then your character will lose the power and move, he might be ill to move further to collect the candies. You need to differentiate the candies and other things, to do that you can control your object through your fingers to eat these things.

You will meet an another character name Om Nelle, the character set for a female, which is most exciting character with Om Nom. She is acting like an Om Nom and appearing only in the app as MY Om Nom. You cannot miss the character with amazing appearance. There are different Nommie/ Characters available in the game to breakout the obstacle to reach the best point and help to find more candies to explore more characters in the game.

There is at least one new character will join you in every new stage. When you go in the forest you will meet a character name Roto. Roto is a small character, which is most seen in the forest. Roto will help Om Nom to find candies in the jungle. You also be careful and secure your object to eat something like candy in the jungle. Roto will help your character to find the candies.

The next stage in the game, Om Nom will meet another character Lick. Lick will also help your team to find the candies. The character basically a nominee to find the candies for the object, but it is depending that how much you play and find candies without any mistakes. If you’ve done better than you’re allow to meet these characters.

In the game Cut the Rope 2 Apk, the main object of the game meets with blue in junkyard. The character will also help to Om Nom to find the candies. There are also another character Toss, she is also the main character of the game, she meets with the main character in the city park and help om nom to find the candies in the park.

When you go underground location, your character needs help to move forward and find the new candies to clear the path. In this stage om nom find Boo, Boo is also a main character of the game. The character will help main object to find the candies and move forward clearly.

When Cut the Rope 2 Apk game reached in fruit market, there is also a main character name Snailbrow is here to help om nom. The character is close friend of om nom and the others. In this fruit market, you will see the other friends of the om nom Om Nom, Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss, and Boo are also in the market. The Snailbrow is also a friend of all these characters too. In this market, all these character helps Om Nom to find more candies.

In the last stage of the game, when om nom reached in the totally new location, he meets the Ginger, a Nommie. The main character of the game afraid from this character. Because of the style and look, but the character helps to meet the best candy stores to collect all available candies.

There are also different stages and locations added in the game, which you need to explore in Cut the Rope 2 Apk. The game playing by more than million users around the globe. You can also join the community through installing the game on your android smart phone through the link below.

Download Cut the Rope 2 APK and install on your smart phone. You can also join Need for Speed, Temple Run and UNKILLED to explore more fun and action games.