Cut the Rope Free APK Latest v2.7.0 Download for Android Added on Nov 04, 2016

Name: Cut the Rope Free Developer: ZeptoLab Category: Puzzle
Version: 2.7.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 53

Cut the Rope Apk is most energetic puzzles game. The game-play consists different levels with most exciting and difficult tasks. The main object/ character name is Om Nom and he is searching for candies. These candies are available in different Rope and bubbles. The main object of the game is to find these Ropes and cut to get these candies to feed to the character which only loves to eat candies.

Candies are hangs by the Ropes, which includes in one and more than one Ropes, you need to pick up the right candy and fill to the Om Nom mouth. This is not so simple, there are different obstacles around the candy and you need to cracks these puzzles and cut the ropes to pick the right candy to give your character.

When you will enter in each level, you will face new challenges to find the candies. The candies are filled with similar foods and sweets. Once you will cut these ropes skillfully, then you will be given starts rating on your better play. These stars are form 1 to 3rd. it’s depend how to get these candies and feed your character. If you played nicely, then it is chance to get better stars.

Once you have picked the best star rating in the game, you will earn the best points. These points will increase your score level and you will be able to find hidden candies directly without going any hurdles. These stars rating depending on your time to compete the tasks. If you will consume less timing to resolve these puzzles, then you will be awarded with high star rating. If you complete the level beyond the time limit, but less star rating or zero-star rating. The slow solving puzzles will not affect your game, but you will not get any points. So be quick, and move your figures to clear the tasks within the time.

In the game Cut the Rope APK, there are more than 400 levels including 1200+ boxes, which you need to cut and feed your character. Each level has their own exiting features and you will be own high star rating to make your game better than any else. There are also more than 70 candy flicks and candy feast which you need to explore in the game. Each level and box has their own height and you can cut these flicks and feasts to get better points.

In addition, once you have clear the game you can go with Cut the Rope 2 to explore more character and more events. You can also jump directly to the game Cut the Rope 2 to explore more fun and puzzles.

In the game Cut the Rope, you need to be more careful to pick the food for your Om Nom, because there are multiple choices available which are like the candies. If you will have pickup with similar food than this is chance to be effect your character health and you will lose your stage/ level. Therefore, you need to be more careful.

In each level, you need to complete the tasks considering as your first aim. As we said that, this is a mind game and you need to explore the ropes and cut to hit the candies. These candies will give power to your om nom and you will also be able to earn good stars. These stars make your points and these points will help you to move quickly to encounter all obstacles.

At the releasing of the game, the developers receiving the positive feedback from the critics and positive comments from the users. Now the game is playing by the millions of the people around the globe. You can also download the Apk file of the game from the link below. There are also other amazing games available in the shelve, which you need to install and play on your smart phones. You can go with 8 Ball Pool and Subway Surfers. These games are also included different characters and levels. Download Cut the Rope APK and keep playing on your android mobiles and tablets for free.