Dark Dot - Unique Shoot SHMUP APK Latest v1.3.0 Download for Android Added on Feb 14, 2017

Name: Dark Dot - Unique Shoot SHMUP Developer: Inzen Studio Category: Action
Version: 1.3.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 53

Draw anything on your mobile screen, yes anything and make your good fortune. The force will join you in the battlefield for conquer the war and made victory in the world. Dark Dot is your own created army of darklets that will bring you new style of action and thrillers game in a new way. It is an amazing concept that is not about to fight for the rights nor they helping others. Dark Dot unique style is only to invade the cities and make their own armies and holding strong position on the world to take control everywhere.

Whenever you will draw anything on your mobile screen will add new characters in the army of Dark Dot. You can draw squares, circles, pokemon, and even in hexagon style of shapes. These all different lines will emerge new character of invaders in your army. The army is very dangerous for fighting, but cute.

Dark Dot is about new style of army formation that will eliminate everything, which comes on your way. You can build your own buildings and station points to take control of the cities. Everyone, who comes to your way will face a terrific army.

Enjoy the hundreds of levels, and explore even more. In these levels, you can use circle, square, Pokemon, and unicorn style to create new force in the battlefield. You can use these creators on your betterment in the field of fight.

When you will fight crazily in the battlefield, then you will be able to earn certain points and rewards. These rewards will help you explore more army through draw on your screen. These powerful army has eight different characters that are very sharp, fast, and dangerous for others. You can explore special characters like Pandarklet and the Azure Dragon Darklet and watch to lead them your army by these characters. Without fighting bravely and creating the new army, you cannot explore these characters.

There are also different mods in the game that will give unique action experience. Endless Mode, Powered Boss Mode and Loot Runs to gather materials are amazing to compete your friends in the battlefield.

The game is not limited only to scratch on the screen and make new force to fight, but the game also has some unique components that will give you the new action and thrillers experience while playing the game on your android mobiles and tablets. You need to line up your army and attack on the enemy. Without tapping on your mobile phone, you cannot shoot the opponents to eliminate them. Lead your army and tap on your screen to shoot your opponents.

The game graphics are really eye catching and developers has added some heartbreaking moves in the game. The control system of the characters is very simple and easy. Use your figures to move and create new army of battle through draw line on the screen.

There are also multiple features, character, and modes available in the game. You can explore more features in the game by taking control of the cities and unlock the new levels through getting highest points. These points will help you unlock the new characters in the games.

To do that, you need to download Dark Dot Apk through the link provided below and install to complete the process. The APK file of Dark Dot is compatible for android mobiles and tablets.

Dark Dot APK file is free to download and no ads include with the APK file. The post includes only APK file and the APK files is free from all charges. You just need to follow onscreen options to complete the process.

Download Dark Dot APK and enjoy new style of action and thrillers on your android mobiles and tablets.

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