Dolphin : Web Browser Adblock APK Latest v12.0.0 Download for Android Added on Jul 26, 2017

Name: Dolphin : Web Browser Adblock Developer: Dolphin Browser Category: Communication
Version: 12.0.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 19

There are several web browsers available in android platform. You can choose easily without surfing on the internet, but some time getting older and seedless browser making the awful hates to the internet. Get rid of all the meaningless browsers you have and install the fresh version of Dolphin Browser for android through the link below.  Dolphin Browser APK has the sharpest search algorithm that will clearly navigate searches on the internet. This is the new and tiny app, which are using by the millions of people around the globe and they say nice about the browser. Mostly users complaining that they are not be able to install app from the Google Play Store, if you’re facing such hurdles, then go through the link below and install the app on your smartphones.

Dolphin Web Browser - Adblock, safe & Private APK for android has unique features that make the app very compatible for android mobiles and tablets. It is necessary to read attractive features of the app before installing to your mobile phones. Readied features will help you for surfing on the internet very well, here I am going to share some important features of the app for your best support.

“The developers of the application claim that they have the fastest web browser on the globe.” After installing the app on your mobile and surfing internet, you can test that their claim is true or not, but hundreds of users around the glove already testify the services of Dolphin Browser and they are comfortable with the app. Dolphin has the fastest service and this is true.

Sometime your voice search will help you for searching on the internet instead of typing on the browser search bar. Most of the browser have the feature to avoid trying through your mobile keypad. We already known that voice search of Google is powerful and popular on the internet. Dolphin has unique toll that called Sonar. It is similar and alternative features of google voice search. With Sonar, you can easily search on the internet without typing something on the browser search bar.

Flash Player support is another feature of the browsers. Some Android Web Browsers support flash player to stream videos directly from the browser and some of browser don’t have the feature. Dolphin around the globe using Flash Player support tools to avoid downloading other specific players for video serving. The app has supported flash player and no need to go further for players.

When you search results on the browsers then probably you can open multiple pages for a single result. Many browsers don’t have the taps to open many results for a single search. You can tap to open new pages for the result. There are no complicated steps to do that, just tap on the result and open with new page.

Dolphin Browser for Android APK is flexible for customization. You can easily customize layout and themes without any restriction. The default setting is always the simple and attractive, but if you want to get another theme or want to change the layout, then do it with simple steps. There always be a default setting option. If you want to remove all the setting you have made, then just click on the default setting, and make it new.

The web app store will store all the information from the popular site with the tips to open with just a simple tap. Once you will visit the site, you will always see the result on your home page. Don’t need to just type yours require site on the bar. You can open the site with simple tap. If you want to remove these result from the browser, then only to tap and remove the search history. This option will clean all your recent and past date searches from the browser.

There are more than the above features available on the app. You can exercise all these features after installing Dolphin Web Browser APK through the link below. You just need to follow onscreen options to complete the installation. Download and enjoy.

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