F8 Auto Liker (FB) APK Latest v1.0 Download for Android Added on Jan 18, 2017

Name: F8 Auto Liker (FB) Developer: Monty Singh Category: Social
Version: 1.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 14063

F8 Likers is popular app to getting high likes on Facebook photos, status, and videos without asking your followers to hit the like button. In the post, we’re sharing f8 Auto Liker APK for free to download. The latest version has been released for android mobiles and tablets. The app is simple to use on your android mobiles with configuration of your facebook account. You just need to install the app on your mobiles phone and get working on it. Without using any complex process, you can easily get 100+ likes on your status. Don’t scare for spamming of your status. Everything is legal and safe with real likers. You just need to follow some process before going to public your post through F8 Auto Liker APK. We will discuss further these simple steps in the post.

F8 Auto Liker is a simple guide book to create your account and get likes on your status that need to be popular among your friends. If you have thousands of friends on your facebook account and you are not getting likes, then it’s mean either your friends not related to your activities or they are not showing interest on your activity. In this situation, you will not get any social fame among your facebook circle. Therefore, most of facebook users using such application to get attention from their followers. The app is simple to get high value of your account in facebook world.

F8 auto liker is a social media exchanging platform to getting high online popularity on your status. The app is 100% free to download and secure to use on your mobile phone. After installing the app on your smartphone, the app will get access with your facebook account. The app only access your facebook profile information get instant likes on your account. No personal information will go public. Once you will synchronizes your information with the f8 Liker App, then select the status, photo, and videos to get instant likes.

Once your facebook status will get high likes and comments, then people will recognize your profile and make your account valuable. You can also use FB Auto Comment APK to get instant comments on your status. In our earlier posts of FB Auto liker APK and Apental Calc APK, we have discussed that, how these apps work with your facebook account.

You need to follow these steps to install F8 Auto Liker APK on your android mobiles and tablets.

  1.  Download F8 Auto Likers APK through the link provided below.
  2. Locate the APK file on your File Manager and launch to complete installation.
  3. After launching the app, open on your mobile phone.
  4. Click the login button that will need approval from your facebook account.
  5. After processing your facebook account, you will be able to select your photo, status, and videos to get likes.
  6. You need to select the status, photos, and video and press submit button.
  7. Make your status for public before applying F8 Auto Likers App. If your status not for public, then the app will not work.
  8. You need to enable followers to make it get likes and followers.

There are also more features available in the app. You can explore these features on your android mobiles and tablets. Download F8 Auto Likers APK and enjoy getting instant likes on your status.

F8 Auto Liker (FB)
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