Facebook Lite APK Latest v60. Download for Android Added on Oct 21, 2016

Name: Facebook Lite Developer: Facebook Category: Social
Version: Updated: Sep 30, 2017 Downloads: 781

Facebook Lite APK is very tiny app for android mobiles and tablets. It uses very small pace of memory and run faster than normal app. This is fastest experience for Facebook users for low internet connections and small memory mobile. Facebook Lite APK is a small app, so the app install quickly and launch faster than normal Facebook App.

No one cannot ignore the power of Facebook and everyone in the world using Facebook to share their thoughts, but sometime slow internet connections making hurdles to post the updates a quickly. To overcome the problem developers of Facebook team publish Facebook Lite APK for the users of Facebook.

The app works faster in normal internet connections. If a user uses 2G internet connection, then the app is perfect to use. If a user using a very low space mobile, then the app is also good to use. It will acquire less than 2 MB mobile memory.

Facebook Lite APK finely works on old android version as well. Usually old android version cannot support the full Facebook app. So, the user has a choice to use Facebook lite. The load timing of the app is amazing. The launching and processing time is very fast and within a click a user can view all the data from their mobile phone.

The app is compatible for all android operating systems. Almost all classic features are available in the app. You can like photos, like videos, comment on any photos, download photos, videos, and updates all your status through your mobile phone.

The app is user-friendly. Almost people using lite APK file on their heavy mobiles as well to view the updates quickly.

The app help you to connect with your circle in slow internet connection. Get all the notifications on your home screen. Enable to receive notifications on your mobile phone and stay connected with the internet. Keep your mobile data enable.

A user can exercise all features of Facebook in lite app. A user can contact with friends through messenger also group chatting and calling options are available in the lite version.

Share easily your photos, video and posts any updates with just a single tap, don’t wait for long to upload, just click the update status and here you done.

The latest version released with improvement of performance and fixed some bugs. You can enjoy all features in full APK are available in lite mood. Hundred millions of people around the globe are using lite facebook to minimize their mobile memory usage.

Download Facebook Lite APK through the link below and lunch to complete the installation.