Facebook Messenger APK Latest v100. Download for Android Added on Dec 28, 2016

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Facebook Messenger is a platform for sharing messages with your contact. You can share text and video messages with your friends even if they’re offline. They will get the message after they singing to their accounts. All the messages and video chatting is free and you can use all the available features without paying real money, but the standard Data Plan applied. If you’re using WIFI connection, then all the features take you to the free place where you can message, text, video chat with your friends. If you’re using unstable internet connection, then you can install Facebook Messenger Lite on your android mobile, which is perfect for slow internet connections. Almost all android device has messenger available which comes with pre-installed on their android devices. If you have any issue while installing the app and using on your android device, then go down and use the link Get APK to install Facebook Messenger APK file on your android mobiles and tablets. The link is safe and secure to install on your smartphones.

The app has all the features that need to make any conversation app perfect. You can record videos any send to your friends, take selfies, and share with your loved ones. The latest updated version also has unique feature to record audios and send to the friends, these voice conversations apply low data plan as compare to your video chatting. Same as you have experienced in WhatsApp Messenger. Facebook messenger is perfect app that you need to use on your android mobiles. The singing process is very simple. If you’re using Facebook on your mobiles, then it will give you access path to your messenger. You just need to allow to access your facebook account. After getting access to the account, all your friends of facebook will synchronize to your messenger. You can synchronize your facebook contact on your mobile and connect with them.

There are multiple options that available only for USA users. In United State, there are more than 65% business operating online and 80% people using online source to purchase or buy something. On March 2015, facebook announce a functionality to send funds online with the messenger. The services are only for USA users. The developers take first step forward to take an initiative to secure business plans and services. The messenger take the business in the messenger. People related to the business will get updates from their officials and involve groups video conversation without paying money to the developers. The messenger has announced the new feature of transportation with collaboration of Uber. The service is on testing base and will available with the country where Uber operation is going on.

Collect your friends around the globe and create a group of like-minded people. Share your ideas and thoughts with them. A simple process will take you to the right place to make a perfect group. The messenger platform has no option to make your chat public. You can select individuals to send messages or select groups to share your thoughts. You can also get replies in the groups and react with smiley and emoji’s icons. The simple process is also known as the best social platform with different features. One of these features is to locate who’s nearby you, through enabling your location your mobile phone. The notification panel will let you know, who’s currently available on your messenger for chatting. Most of the devices already pre-installed messenger is available to use. If you have not installed, then its will redirect you to the google play store link. The link is also available in the post.

The new updated version of facebook messenger available in APK format. The latest released will help you to forward any message to anyone. You can create message or forward message to your contacts. The app has no other option to transport contacts of your friends, accept facebook account. The app has clear and purity on user's privacy. The app strictly follow the privacy of their users and no one can release your personal information on the internet. All the personal information is secure with facebook messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger APK on your android mobiles and tablets. The link is safe and secure to download. Install the APK file on your android mobiles and enjoy accessing the world’s top rated social sharing network. Enjoy.