FB Auto Comment APK Latest v13.4.0 Download for Android Added on Dec 14, 2016

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If you’re getting highly likes and comments on your Facebook activities, then you’re valuable for your followers. Getting likes and comments on facebook activities is not easy because of the sharing plenty of information in a single second. If you have highly attractive post, then you will be able to get comments and likes in your activity. To grow your public profile, people from different part of life developing such a great application that make your social activity special for everyone. In this post, we’re sharing the most attractive app FB Auto Comment, which is also called as FB Auto Comment App. The application is useful for getting comments on your social activities immediate after posting on social accounts.

FB Auto Comment app is available to download in APK format that is simple to install on your android mobiles and tablets. In our earlier post, FB Auto Liker APK, we have written that you can easily getting instant likes in a post without spamming your account. You can use Auto Liker to increase your likes on Facebook activities, but the FB Auto Comment APK is helpful to get maximum comments in a single activity.

The app is working separately through a new access. After installing and launching the APK file on your android mobiles, there will be a shortcut available on your mobile home screen. You can choose the shortcut and get access to your social account through Facebook login option. You need to select any new status update, photo, and videos from your facebook profile to increase its comments. After selecting the photo or video from the profile, you will get instant maximum comments on your selected item.

FB Auto Comment APK is secure and will not spam your account. The comments are real and you will never get any spam message from anyone. There is simple process we have mentioned above. After getting access in the app, you need to select activity to get maximum comments. There is an option of comments submit available in the post and you need to just press the button. Now turn back to your facebook profile and check the comment section.

In a single time, you can get more than 100 comments without going any complex process. Some people saying that, the app is not working properly on their accounts. In that case, you need to check some important setting on your facebook profile. You must select your activity to public. Most of the users are selecting the status or photo only viewing their friends or family members. Auto Comment APK will not work on all those activities that are selected only for friends or families. Therefore, you must select your profile to public. If your profile is not for public views, the app will not work properly on your account.

The app is simple and very easy to use on any facebook account. Doesn’t matter which network you’re using on your mobile, just download FB Auto Comment Apk on your android device, just launch the file and follow onscreen option to complete installation. The app is free to use on your mobile phones, but it has some ads shown on the free version.

More than millions of people around the globe are using the app to attract users on their social activities. You can also do the same without spamming your account. Download FB Auto Comments APK on your android mobiles and get instant likes and comments without forcing people to comment on your activity. Enjoy.

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