Fruit Ninja Free APK Latest v2.4.2.436758 Download for Android Added on Nov 18, 2016

Name: Fruit Ninja Free Developer: Halfbrick Studios Category: Arcade
Version: Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 87

Fruit Ninja is an addictive game which holds millions of fans following around the world. You can also join the world of Fruit Ninja through downloading the “Fruit Ninja APK” file from the link provided below. The APK file hold the latest version of the game, and it is perfect for android mobiles and tablets. Fruit Ninja has impressive features which make you crazy while playing on your smart phones. We will discuss further about the key features of Fruit Ninja in this article.

The basic theme of the game is to identify the fruits and cut with a blade controlled via your mobile screen with your fingers. These fruits are continuing throwing automatically from the top of your mobile screen. These fruits hold large number of points. You can slice these fruits to earn the points. Swipe your figure across your mobile screen and cut all the fruits without losing the single one.  

You can create the slice motion through swiping your fingers across the mobile screen. If you will cut multiple fruits in a single move, then you will earn extra points. You need to use your additional fingers to make a slice motion in the game. This is a simple task to swipe the fruits, but there are also different obstacles are available in the game. If you miss to slice three fruits continuously, then you will be lost your game. If you will get 100 points in the game, then you will multiple the score in a single slice. Once you will reach 300+ points, then you will be given an extra life, except you will not miss to slice any single fruits.

We have discussed above that there is no shortcut to slice the fruits without taking any risks. There are also risks involved. In this game, a single wrong move will eliminate your player from the game. Occasionally, there are throwing bombs with fruits form the top of your mobile phone. If you cut the bombs instead of fruits, then you will face a massive explosion on the playing area that will automatically eliminate your player from the game. Therefore, choose the right fruits to cut with your blade.

There are two different mods available in the game that will make your game easy. These modes are included Zen and arcade mode. In these mods, you have only few seconds or minute to earn multiple points, doesn’t matter how much bombs throwing form the top. In Zen mode, you have only one minute and thirty seconds to earn highest points in the game to earn extra life for the game. In arcade mode, you have only sixty seconds to achieve the high score to get more benefits.

The above two modes are very fruitful for the game. When you will enter these modes, you need to cut standard fruits that make better impact on the games. These standards fruits include with special bananas. These bananas can double your points, if you will cut these bananas within the short time and speed, then you will double your score. Everything is in your control; you can slow down the fruit throws from the top or speed up the timing. In arcade mode, there are special pomegranates will appear on your mobile screen, you need to cut these fruits twice or thrice time to make your points double. However, there are also bombs throwing from the top, if you will slice these bombs, then you will lose your score up-to 10 points.

The latest version also has included two more characters in the game. These two characters are a pig named Truffles and a human named Gutsu. Both characters are available in the Gutsu's Cart. You need star fruits to purchase these items from the cart. These characters will give you the multiple star points in the game and you need to be safe while playing through these characters.

You can explore more characters and features in the game. Fruit Ninja APK is free to download and free to play on your android phones, but some objects are locked. You need certain points to unlock these features. You can also purchase all these objects through paying real money. All these characters are unique and interesting to play. There are also multiple games to play on your smart phones like, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Cut the Rope

Fruit Ninja latest version has been released for android mobiles and tablets. You can download the APK file without paying any single penny to developers. Download Fruit Ninja APK from the link below, install on your android mobiles and enjoy playing.

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