Futurama Game of Drones APK Latest v1.11.1 Download for Android Added on Nov 28, 2016

Name: Futurama Game of Drones Developer: Wooga Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.11.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 60

Futurama Game of Drones is a puzzle game. You can play the game on your smart phones through the way you’re playing Candy Crush Saga game, but the game is more effective to arrange one colored puzzles in a single way to eliminate from the mobile screen. We are attaching Futurama: Game of Drones APK file in the post. If you’re facing any problem to get the game on your android mobile, then go through the link of this post. The Futurama: Game of Drones APK file is compatible for android mobiles and tablets.

There are different available in the game on free mode, but some of these effective features are locked. You can unhide these features after purchasing through real money. The free feature will make your game powerful and without going to premium, you can easily make your records through these free features. We will discuss further about these features of the game that will help you to play the game on your mobile smoothly.

We have said that, Futurama: Game of Drones is a puzzle game, but it is based on an American popular cartoon series. In this game, you can complete your level with line-up the character throwing from the top of your mobile phone. You can eradicate by lining 4 or more puzzles. If you will remove many lines in one arrangement, then you will be able to earn good points in the game. So, what are Drones? In this game, drones will fall from the top in mix of the puzzle line. Once you will hit the drones then you will be able to make more points. These drones will appear on your mobile screen for a short time, in this period you will get more point to hit these drones.

The levels of Drone games are not an easy task. There are also many boxed fall from the top and you need to explode these boxes by hitting through the drones or lineup the one-color character. If you will not be able to subtract these boxes in limited time, then possibly you will lose a player’s life. A level will complete only when a player removes certain drones in the game.

There are limited moves available in the game and you need to remove boxes from the screen within these limited moves, if you fail to remove these boxed in such criteria, then you will be losing your life. You can also earn points in the game and these points will take you to the safe zone to eliminate large number of puzzles boxes in a single level. The levels are divided in to different areas and these areas accompanied by different challenges and tasks.

There are 5 lines of boxes. Once you these lines filled by the boxes, then you will not allow to play more. It is up to you that how to can remove solve the puzzles with your high intention. There are certain opportunities in the game that have been introduced in the first version and later these breaks updated by developers from time to time. These prices are included in game currency, infinitive life (for limited time), card collection and jackpots.  The card collections are updated in latest version and you can collect certain in the game by a good move.

So, the question is, how many levels are available in Futurama: Game of Drones? Let’s pick some levels distributions of the game. The levels of the game divided in different locations and we have said that each location has the own challenges and achievements in the game. These locations are used in the orders to complete the game. New New York (Professor Farnsworth), Moon, DOOP HQ, Mars Vegas, Mutant Sewers, Robot Hell, Central Bureaucracy, Mars University, Decapod 10, Omicron Persei 8, Near-Death Star, New New York (Cubert), New New York (Nibbler), Monument Beach, Atlanta, Mexico, San Francisco, Internet, Osiris 4, Thermostadt, Mars. You can also check the Futurama: Game of Drones Wiki to read more about the game and its game-play.

Futurama: Game of Drones APK file is free to download and compatible for android mobiles and tablets. The APK file attached in this post is free from charges. Download Futurama: Game of Drones APK and launch the file on your mobile phone complete installation.

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