Google Now Launcher APK Latest v1.3 Download for Android Added on Jan 03, 2017

Name: Google Now Launcher Developer: Google Inc. Category: Tools
Version: 1.3 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 90

Decorate your android home screen with amazing style and icons. It is Google Now Launcher, which is perfect for android mobiles and tablets to replace android home screen with a simple tap. It is the product of Google and seems the best among other launchers. When you search launcher on the internet, you will find plenty of launchers to use on android device that create little bit confusion to use on android mobiles, therefore, it is better to know about the app, which you’re going to install on your android mobiles without any risk. If you have still not installed any launcher on your android mobiles, then you must go with Google Now Launcher, which is developed by google and place on the internet to download for free.

It is more interesting to decorate android mobiles with different colors, themes, fonts, and icons. All these decoration and changes make your device love-able for you. When you keep a single theme on your device, then you feel boring to use the device on your hand. Every device has the default launchers that makes the mobile phone sharp and easy to use, but all of them have not vast features. Google Now Launcher comes with different features that make the app perfect for all users. After launching the file on your mobile, you can easily modify your mobile phone with easy taps and decorate according to your choice.

When you will install the launcher on your device, you can use the Google Assistant for free on your device. An important message bar with the name of Ok Google will appear on your screen to search directly without going and search browser. You need to just put your query to find your require results. If you’re using Google Chrome Browser on your android mobiles, then you can easily use as the browser as a default browser for your searches. The quick search box will help you to search anything on the internet. You can keep the task bar on the home screen and you can also disable the bar. It also uses to generate result through your voice control. Tell google about your query and find result according to your needs.

Google Now Launcher use as aspect of google information. It is helpful to perform activities on your device. You can manage your calendar, appointments, search queries and other activities. You can use different cards to perform different activities. There are more than 30 cards available in the free version of Google Now Launcher. The currency, friend’s birthdays, events, movies, news topics, places, research topics and personal reservation cards are using millions of people around the globe. These cards are effective to keep in local, national, and international levels. You can disable these cards and enable more in this category.

Google Now Launcher brings all your information about the mails, weather, voice, and text searches in Google Now cards. These cards will show on your home screen. Each card contains different apps and task in the list, you can use different cards for different task. It is up-to you that which card you use the more on your android device. It is also use to remind your previous work and task. If you feel some irregular tasks, then you can disable the cards that doesn’t need to show on your mobile home screen.

Most of devices have bundle of apps and games installed that are difficult to access with a direct option. Sometime you need to go to the apps list and scrolling up and down to find the app. Mostly it takes time to find the require app or game. It is also difficult to create home shortcuts to every game or app. Considering the situation, google now launcher added a feature that will keep all the apps in one list. An alphabetical list will show in the feature. You can access through the icons and scroll down to find you require app. You can also create alternate list for the games. This is quick option that secure your time and keep all your stuff in one place.

Another option to manage your app is still there. You can create folders to keep your stuff in the folder. Once you will access apps drawer, you can drag the apps in the folders to access easily. Drag the app on the folders through tapping the app from the app drawer. You can also tap on the blank area to create shortcuts and you can also remove the shortcut from the home screen after dragging the app in the folder.

There are also multiple features you can use on your android mobiles without paying money to google. Download Google Now launcher APK file on your android mobiles and get access to use all these features on your smartphones. You can also explore more. The APK file is safe to download, you don’t have to pay anything to the developers. The launcher is free. Download and enjoy.