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There is something new in android launcher’s list that will be amaze you after installing on your android mobile or tablet. The look of your mobile phone is depending on your home screen theme. If you’re using an amazing theme, then you will feel the new interface of your mobile phone. If you’re iPhone lover and you want to making your android mobile phone similar with the iPhone interface, then you must go with iNoty APK, which will provide your mobile look like the iPhones

Some promoters calling the app as notification bar app. This is because the interface of the app is also look like iphone and the notification bar is also with wonderful control center. It is also customizable theme that will allow android users to change the themes style and mobile interface according to the choice. There is no restriction to exercise all features.

iNoty APk is free to download on all android mobiles and tablets. You can download without paying any single penny to developers. The app is also perfect for all android mobiles and tablets. It has also best features that are very impressive to use on android mobiles. We have picked some of these features below, before going to download the app, you can look into these features below.

If you have experienced to use iPhone 6S and OS 7 then you probably know about the cool features. The app supports both these features on android mobiles. The new status bar is similar to the iPhone 6.

You can also customize all your notification directly from your control center. It is also supple to collect the best features in one center. The app is also risk free and never slow down your mobile battery or speed. The app is also acquiring very low space of your mobile phone. If your mobile phone memory running out, then the app is suitable for you.

You can also enable views of weather information and date and time on your home screen. It is all about to customize your panel directly from your home screen. You can also change the notification bar color.

The app is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. You can download its APK file through the link provided below. The APK file is free from all charges and having no hidden ads available.

The app is simple to use on android mobiles and tablets. iNoty APK is one of the great apps that great that are proving mobile home screen customization features.

Download iNoty APK through the link below and install on your android mobiles and tablets. Launch the APK file and follow onscreen options to complete the process. Customize your home screen and enjoy.

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