KD Liker APK Latest v2.5.1 Download for Android Added on Feb 08, 2017

Name: KD Liker Developer: Anant Jain Category: Social
Version: 2.5.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 9742

Getting likes and comments on facebook activities is an easy task, if you have large numbers of friends in your list, knowing you and really showing interest on each activity, but that not always matter.

Sometime it’s not going through the way that you’re willing to go. Your impressive updates, photos, and video not getting immersive likes that really needs to pick in the social network platforms. In this scenario, auto likers and auto comments apps helping you to improve the post popularity in social networking places.

We have shared different application in connection of auto liker. Most of them are impressive with their features and simple process to use.

In this post, we are sharing KD Liker APK, which is another growing auto liker app in the social market. You can massive likes on your activity through KD Liker App.

The app is not limited to getting likes on your activities, but also providing different tools to get instant comments as well. The app is also not stuck in only accessing photos to get likes, but you can also try Status, and videos to get likes and comments.

Before going to KD Liker on your mobile phone, you just need to do some steps in your facebook account. You can use your PC or mobile phone to do this activity.

First, go to your facebook profile setting and make all your posts to the public.

Second, make your profile visible to everyone. Enable follower option through your facebook profile.

Third, insure the photos to visible for public that really needs to get likes through KD Liker.

If your posts are visible for targeted people like you have selected friends, or friends of friends, then it is difficult to get likes. Even these posts will not show in KD Liker. Therefore, make sure that all your posts all visible for public.

Now, download KD Liker APK through the link below and follow onscreen options to complete the process. After installing, the app needs permission from your facebook profile. Don’t worry, the app will never post anything on the platform from your facebook account.

Follow onscreen options, click the first link, and wait for the 5 seconds, this option shows some advertisement on your screen. Bother these ads and wait for the process complete. Skip ads and go back the main page and click the next link. Wait for 5 seconds and now copy the full URL. The URL includes the access token that will help you to get access to the KD Liker features.

Copy the access token in the require area and submit. This process will get access to the features of KD Liker. Now you can enjoy the free features of KD Liker.

In the post, we have included KD Liker APK file to download for free. You need to get the APK and install on your smartphones. Follow the options and enjoy getting massive likes on your facebook activities.

KD Liker
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