Link2SD APK Latest v4.0.13 Download for Android Added on Oct 27, 2016

Name: Link2SD Developer: Bulent Akpinar Category: Tools
Version: 4.0.13 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 176

Link2SD app quite simple and its work simpler to Move your apps from Internal memory to external SD card. The latest version of this amazing app is free to download in APK format. The updated version is also available in multiple features and updates. If you haven't installed the app yet, go with this link and install on your phones. In this link, we have attached most recent apk file of Link2SD for free. You can download and enjoy its great features on your android mobiles. ‘

Before proceeding to download let's discuss the best features of this app which you’re going to install on your phones. This will help you for using easily without taking and wrong step or wrongdoing.

Features of Link2SD Latest APK

  • Link all your android stuff from your internal memory to external SD card. These stuffs contain Apps, APK, Lib files and all system apps. Specially the app is best to move your system apps, which are not allowed to access and move normally, until you will not root your android mobile, but if you’re android mobile is rooted, then you can easily manager these system apps through Link2SD. If you want to root your mobile choose Baidu Root and Framaroot .
  • Android OBB Data of apps and games also will be linking to your external memory. This will not take any long time to do. Just a single tap you can move and link your stuff from internal memory to external memory.
  • Sometime serving on the internet, installing apps and games are dumping your mobile memory with cache folders, Link2SD will automatically clear all your cache folders and will clear your junk files. When you have installed new app on your smart phone, the app will automatically link it to your external memory. You don’t need to do the process for all new installation.
  • Those apps, which are not supporting features to move to SD Card will now easy to link to your sd card with Link2SD. Transfer those apps forcibly.
  • Support almost all features you will need to move from one selected memory to another. Install, reinstall and uninstall your apps, transfer from internal to external and external to internal.
  • You can also use to freeze and unfreeze all system apps and user application manger. And you will see a notification on your notification panel, when there any is any transferable app installed on your mobile phone.

Total size of the Link2SD APK is 4.0 MB and it is light app to install on your android device. The latest version has released with minor bugs fixed and improvement of performance. You can now easily do the task through simple steps. Furthermore, you can contact developers for any issue regarding the app on and visit their website to read more about the app.

Download Link2SD Apk form the link below. The link attached with recent version and it is free to download. Just go with the process identified in the page. Get the Apk file and exercise all feature on your smart phone.

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