Magic Liker APK Latest v2.12 Download for Android Added on Aug 03, 2017

Name: Magic Liker Developer: Punicasoft Category: Social
Version: 2.12 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 1679

Magic Liker APK is another great app added in the list of Auto Likers developed of Punicasoft. The developers are still working on Magic Liker APK to manage the world’s fastest and easy to get likes on your Instagram photos and videos. It is also the best tool to use on android mobiles and tablets because it is compatible for android mobiles and tablets as well. The app is full of interesting features with simple process to get massive likes on an Instagram account. You can download Magic Liker APK through the provided link below and launch on your mobile phone. You just need to follow onscreen options to complete the installation to get fully word access on your mobile phone. Almost all applications have their own uniqueness that makes these applications popular among others. Most of these applications being used for facebook and there are very few developers available that focusing on other social platforms.

Magic Liker APK is the best tool to get instant likes on your Instagram profiles. It is helpful to get massive likes on your Instagram photos and videos. It is also helpful to increase your fan follower within a single move. The process of the app is not complex and it does not any auto generated slips to peruse your account in the platform. The simple process where you can gain your own stars to run your profile campaign on the internet using Magic Liker platform. When you will get access in the field of Magic Liker, you just need to like and comment on other’s profile, photos, and videos. These photos, and videos will appear on your mobile screen. If you don’t want to like and awkward photos, then skip the one and try another. Your likes on other’s photos will give you the stars and coins in the platform and these coins and stars are exchangeable to get likes on your own photos. You can run promotional campaign on your profile. The process is the same for others as well. People are also hitting likes on your photos and they will also gain the stars and coins.

We will never spam your account nor we will use auto likes form system machines. Our real user’s  force in Magic Liker are using in Magic Liker APK to get real likes on your profile. Says developers of magic liker apk. The system is simple. The interface of the app is interesting and eye-catching. Once you will install the app on your mobile phone, then you will be able to exercise all features on your mobile phones.

You need to follow these below instructions to install full app on your mobile phone.

  • Open your mobile phone page setting. You need to adjust your setting as required. Make all your post public.
  • Select security/ application. There are different names for different devices. Click the available option.
  • Confirmed that you have done your page setting. 


  • Download Magic Liker APK on your smartphones.
  • Tap and open the download page or open the folder where you download saved.
  • Click on the Magic Liker APK file and launch.
  • Follow onscreen option complete installation.

Download the APK file and install accordingly. The APK file is safe and secure to use on android mobiles.

Magic Liker
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