Mini Metro APK Latest v1.1 Download for Android Added on Dec 01, 2016

Name: Mini Metro Developer: Playdigious Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 61

When we are talking about the word Mini Metro, then the first thing comes in our mind is about a metro station, but that is not correct. The Mini Metro game is not about the station. The game is about to make connection between station of the city. The game has been designed for preparing strategies and connect the trains station through draw a line between the station. When you will draw a line between a station to the next, then you will build a track for the train to travel. There are different opportunities and limitations are available in the game that makes the game more interesting. In this article, you will find all the information regarding the game to make yourself comfortable for playing on your android mobiles and tablets. You can download Mini Metro APK file through the link provided below and launch on your mobile phones.

Mini Metro game for android comes with multiple opportunities and limitations as well. Draw a secure line from one station to other. You have full control on the track that you will draw from one station to other. There are such no options available, where you can control on the stations. The stations will automatically popup on the screen and you need to connect the line with the new station within the limit of time and make train running on it.

Mini Metro game is a mix result from Strategic game and puzzle game where a player taking a task to build a track form station to station in a growing city. You have limited time and resource to connect with these station each other. When it goes large in the map appearing on your mobile phone then you can zoom it to focus on the work. Keep in mind that whenever you connect a station to other, then the train automatically start running through these lines.

There are also different colors available to make these lines identical. When a station connects with other, the passenger will be starting appear on the screen. The colors will show you that, where the passengers are moving. The trains will carry these passengers to their destination. When the games go to the next stages there will be high mess. The stations and the travelling line make your work more difficult to identify these stations with true color lines.

The rivers and the sticky lines with new station appearing on the screen will put you in a new challenge. When you failed to compensate these lines on the spot, then you will be losing your stage and this point will redirect you to play the game from the beginning the stage. There are also different opportunities available which will be helpful to make your path clear to draw new line. When you will complete a single station within a town or city, then you will be given with multiple gifts and rewards in the game. These rewards will give a life to add the new player or draw dotted line to make clear your path.

In the normal mode of Mini Metro APK, you will be given the limited time. When passenger start appearing on the station, then the train must carry these passengers to the next station. Each station has flooded with passenger from time to time. If there is no line to the station, where passengers are waiting for the train, you must draw the line to take these passengers credit on your account. If you failed to do, then the station will be crashed and possibly you will lose your level. Therefore, be smart and do smart.

Mini Metro APK has also different features in the updated version. You can explore these features through installing the APK file on your smart phones. The Mini Metro APK is free to download and we have added the updated version of the game. Download Mini Metro APK and enjoy playing the game on your android mobiles.

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