Monster Likes (Auto Liker) APK Latest v252 Download for Android Added on Aug 24, 2017

Name: Monster Likes (Auto Liker) Developer: Monsterlikes Category: Social
Version: 252 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 7398

Monster Likes is another best auto liker app for android users. It has been released two years back and fortnightly the app has received thousands of hits on the internet. You can download Monster Likes APK through the link provided below and launch on your android mobile and tablets. The app is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. Doesn’t matter, which android version you have. Just go with the app, which will work as per your choice. The app has some unique features that make the app important among other apps. So, let’s collect some of the great features before installing the app on your mobile phones.

Monster Likes APK doesn’t need any money to perform on your mobile phone. The app and its features are free for all users of android. You can get unlimited likes within a single submit. You can get 250+ likes on all posts. These likes not obtaining from any irregular platform, but these likes are from real users. Once you will join the community you need to get access token on the system. These tokens are your user login because the app is accessing your facebook basic information. These users are not in your friend’s list, but they are real.

Not only likes, you can choose your status to get comments as well. Auto Comments is also another great feature to make your status popular, but the auto comment features include in the app mentioned above. The app will never spam your account on any activity because they are using real users.

Geo likes is another great feature added in the latest version of Monster Likes. You can earn likes from specific location within your country as well as internationally. You can earn specific Geo location likes on your status.

The app is also having a great feature to select the number of likes you want to get on your status. You need to choose the number from the option, which appears on your mobile home screen. You can earn 20 to o200 likes in a single process.  

More than thousands of likes you can get on your photos, videos, and status updates. Make sure that you had done some important changes on your facebook account. Enable your follower options and allow people to follow you on facebook and make all your updates to the public. Choose option “Public” for all your post.

The app is free from all charges. The developers also have released the latest version with important updates and bugs fixed. If you will find any bug while using the app contact with developers to remove the bug. The developers are keen to work for you. 

Download Monster Likes APK and enjoy unlimited features to get amazing likes and comments on your photos, videos, and status updates.

Monster Likes (Auto Liker)
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