Norton Security and Antivirus APK Latest v3.17.0.3205 Download for Android Added on Feb 16, 2017

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Norton Security and Antivirus is one of the best android security apps that provide wide range of mobile protection features. Among the top listed android antivirus applications, there are very few apps success to make a mark on android users. The real and safe protection always getting people’s attraction to use on mobile phone. Norton Security and Antivirus has capacity to manage your mobile’s privacy and real time protection. You can download Norton Security and Antivirus APK through the link provided below and install on your android mobile phone and tablets. The latest version of the app is compatible for both android mobiles and tablets.

Android has their own foolproof security system that are almost impossible to break and hack your personal information. When we are discussing about the code and programming, then probably there are flaws that creating way to the hackers and attacker. Sometime the systematic protection is not enough to protect your device from these attackers. So, there are always needs an antivirus and security app requires that will make you relax.

It is almost impossible to track your mobile phone when you will have lost it. It is also difficult to protect your mobile phone, when your mobile is full from the weak apps and games that creating way for attackers and malware. It is also difficult to protect your personal information from other’s eye. It always needs a helpful app, which will fulfill your expectations.

Here we will discuss some great features of the app, which will give the best user experience when you will install on your mobile phones. Norton Security and Antivirus app will remove all those apps that are malfunctioned and having with malware and spyware, which leads to hack your personal information from your mobile phone. Whenever you will forget your mobile phone anywhere, then you can lock your mobile phone with just a single SMS remotely. If you have keep your phone anywhere and forget to take, then you can lock your mobile phone remotely. Set your mobile phone locking system, whenever anyone want to unlock your mobile, then after 10 attempts the phone will go shutdown. You can also find your lost mobile when whenever it will be lost. If your mobile phone battery go down, then you can easily track the last location of your mobile phone remotely.

The app is best for smartphones and tablets. The features are the same for both devices. The app will allow you sync your mobile stuff and share with other devices. The website will give you the path for controlling your device from a single website. Safely searches all those apps and games, that are bad for your device. The app has also real protection system, which is providing real time scanning.

The app is not restricted for the above functions, but also the Norton Security & Antivirus APK is helpful to block all unwanted calls and SMS. When you will be lost your device, then remotely remove all your personal information. You can also enable selfie of those who are trying to unlock your mobile phone. The selfie will identify the person who is knocking the nose on your mobile screen.

Norton Security and Antivirus APK is free to use in your android mobiles and tablets, but some features are available in premium version. The trial version will expire after 30 days. If you want to enable premium features, then you will need to pay cheap amount the developers. You can subscribe monthly and annual packages. If you don’t want to upgrade, then you can use free version on your mobile phone.

There are also multiple features available in the app. You can explore more features after installing the app on your smartphone. To do that, download Norton Security and Antivirus APK on your android mobiles and tablets. Download and Enjoy.

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