PAC-MAN Pop - Bubble Shooter APK Latest v1.8.4960 Download for Android Added on Dec 10, 2016

Name: PAC-MAN Pop - Bubble Shooter Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.8.4960 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 27

PAC MAN Pop - Bubble Shooter game for android arises with exciting game-play. The new style of the game with PAC – MAN is trending now on the internet. The game has their own style to smash the bubble and collect your own pets and coins. The game has been released with some most exciting adventurer game features and some included from arcade style games. We are Sharing PAC MAN Pop – Bubble Shooter APK file for downloading on android mobiles and tablets. The game is free to use on android mobiles. The game has its own unique style which made the game trending on the internet. We will discuss some extreme popular feature in this post to make you familiar with the features.

In our earlier post of PAC-MAN, we have shared almost all the features about the pacman and its attractive game-play. The same options turn in to this game. All bubble Shooter games have the same concept behind its game-play. You need to smash the one colored bubbles in a single shot. You can through bubble from the bottom of your mobile phone and smash the bubble acquiring your mobiles screen. There is only chance to lose the game if you failed to smash all the bubble. In this game, the pac man will show excitement, once you will blow more than three bubbles in a single shot. An arrow will show you, which bubble you’re throwing from the bottom and an arrow also will show how to throw the bubble on the screen that will blow maximum bubbles.

PAC-MAN Pop – Bubble Shooter APK has given unlimited shots, but it goes wrong when your failed to blow the bubble from the screen. The game will come closer to end, when you will fail to smash bubbles continuously with three shots. There is no other chance to blow the bubble, only to smash throwing the same color bubble. After every three shots, there another row of bubble will add on your mobile screen that will create challenge for you.

You can earn maximum points on each level and every shot. If you’re continuously playing good, then you will be earning more stars that will rescue pets from the puzzles. Hiding pets are even better to release from the bubbles. Each pet will give your maximum points and help you out to blow more bubbles.

Some challenges and fun will be your next excitement in the game. After achieving some stages, you will face a ghost on the screen and all the bubbles are protecting the ghost. You need to smash all the bubble gathering around the ghost and try to hit the ghost to blow all the bubbles to win the level. If you have experience to play Plant Vs Zombies, Zombie Tsunami, then you must know the excitement of killing the ghost. So, shoot the bubbles and clear the ghost to hit immediately before it will cover with bubble again.

There are different ghosts available in the game that are involve to hide the fruits and pets. Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are the focus. They are hiding different points and fruits that need for your PAC MAN. The bubble incessantly gathering around them to clear all bubble throwing from the bottom of screen. You can smash all the bubbles and hit the ghosts.

There are also multiple features available in the game. You can also explore more than that, just install PAC-MAN Pop - Bubble Shooter APK on your android mobiles. We’re sharing only APK file of the game. If the game needs any extra data, then download the data from any other external source. Install the game on your mobile phone and enjoy playing.