PAC-MAN APK Latest v6.2.4 Download for Android Added on Nov 30, 2016

Name: PAC-MAN Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Category: Arcade
Version: 6.2.4 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 39

Eat dots and fruits to take you to the next challenge, the game is PAC-MAN an android addictive game is available for free to download. We are sharing PAC-MAN Apk file in the post. You can play the game on your smart phones without going further process. The game has most exciting round and stages that holds different tasks and challenges in the latest version. We will discuss further about these challenges and features in the post to know more about the game.

The game was first released on 80s and later the game has been released to other countries for typical video game machines. When technology replace the style of playing, these games have been transformed to a new style. The updated version comes with high quality graphics and style that hold some important parts of arcade games and some of the puzzle games. You need to choose the right way to complete your stage and you can’t move next stage until you will clear all the challenges in the game. Sometime, users are trying hacking games to uplift their stage you can also try hacking application on your mobile phone for legal modifications.

PAC-MAN control in a maze to eat dots or you can call them fruits to clear the way of next level. Once you your player will eat all dots in the lines, then the player will move to the next level/ stage. If you win more than ten thousand points including bonus points as well, then a life will be adding in the game. There are four different large dots appearing at the corner for a limited time. Before they will disappear from the screen, you can eat these dots. These dots give you the temporally power to eat your enemies on the game. Yes, this is nice to eat enemies in the game. J

Developers are adding different challenges in every game to make it exceptional. In PAC-MAM game also has different challenges added by the developers. There are some enemies on the line to take your player’s life to make the game shut. There are four characters available in the game. The Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde playing their role to make the game challenge-able. These characters are following on the footsteps throughout the lines to eat the player. You need to clearly eat the dots and move to the next row before these characters will take your player’s life.

When an enemy eaten in the game their eyes not ending the enemy character. Their eyes remain and return to the counter box to make a new challenge. These characters are moving revers and straight direction to block the lines to defeat player on the game to take the life of player to end the game. At initial level the enemies are slower and you can be getting bonus points to add a life, but after clearing more stages the life these characters moving reversely and other lines and their speed are also raising with more powers. In the next stages, you can also eat these characters with limited time and after they return they will change their color and put you in difficult zone.

There are some ghost enemies are around you. The developers said that, they have created these characters in unique design and style to make the game more interesting. A player can play and enjoy enemy character without getting bored in the game. In the updated version, you will see that the red enemy will chase you in the line to take life and other blue and pink enemy will take their position to hit from the front. The last ones, the orange behavior is different. The character is free from all bounds. He can take positions, chasing the main character, and doing other task to take the PAC-MAN to his mouth.

You can also explore more features in the game. We have said that, the game objects are free to play on your mobile phone, but some objects and features are in tapped. You can use your real money from .99$ to 99$ to get more tokens to your cards. You can also win these tokens without losing your life in the game and then exchange these tokens to get more powers. 

PAC-MAN APK file is free to download. We have attached the most recent updated APK file with this link. You need to just install the file on your smart phones and launch to play the game on your smartphone. Just get the file and enjoy playing.