Pinball Pro APK Latest v2.0 Download for Android Added on Dec 18, 2016

Name: Pinball Pro Developer: TerranDroid Category: Board
Version: 2.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 55

If you’re using android mobile and yet not installed Pinball Pro game on your mobile, then you are missing some interesting game-play. It is the most interesting game with few challenges that put you in different rounds and scores. These challenges seem very easy to complete, but it goes wrong when you failed to pull the ball to the top. It is interesting game to play on your mobile phone without going complex procedure and game-play option. The structure of the game-play is fit to play anyone. There is no age restriction to download the game on your mobile phone. In this post, we are sharing the Pinball Pro APK for free to download. The APK file is free and having no other APK file attached with this game package. At zero risk, you can install on your android mobile phones.

The game comes with simple challenges with multiple rewards that will make your move perfectly. The basic theme of the game is to throw the ball exact location on the screen where pointing the arrow. If you failed to put your ball on the pointing location, then don’t be dishearten, all your throws will give you the maximum points. It is mean that, you each throw will give you the points. If you perfectly throw the ball on the screen on the pointing areas, then you will give multiple points and gifts that will secure your player’s life.

In the first step, you need to press and hold the button to pull the ball on the top. The option is available in the game. After holding on the screen, throw the ball and get maximum scores at your first launch. There are some unique pressure buttons available on the game that will automatically buzz the ball around the screen. These round movement of ball will dash different points and each point has the unique numbers to count. The score will upgrade gradually while playing the game.

You have two options to keep the ball alive on the screen, whenever your ball go down the bottom, then you will lose your first ball. Therefore, you need to keep your ball with both left and right side. There are two sites of the holding arrows that will keep your ball alive. Whenever your ball comes to the last of the screen, then press the arrow and keep the ball on your hand and through up to move the ball around the screen.

More points in the game will give more balls and you will keep game on through these balls. Whenever you will shoot the direction on the game, you will earn points and these points will unlock other stages as well. There are different stages and some of these stages will help you to complete the task. When you unlock further stages, you will face speed balls as well.

Press and hold anywhere on the screen to throw the ball on the round and touch right or left to control your ball on flip. This is most exciting game, you can hold the ball for maximum time. It is up to you, how you can pull the game play. There are five different innovative tables: Classic, Lucky Stones, Lucky Wheel, Carnival, Christmas make this game more interesting. You will get interesting like this in other games.

The game has eye catching interface and most stunning graphics. The sound of the game and other auto working tracks are amazing and keep you in good environment. You can explore more features and stages in the game. Just need to download Pinball Pro APK on your android mobiles and tablet through the link below. Launch the APK file on your mobile and follow onscreen options to complete the installation. 

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