Plants vs. Zombies FREE APK Latest v1.1.60 Download for Android Added on Nov 12, 2016

Name: Plants vs. Zombies FREE Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Category: Strategy
Version: 1.1.60 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 90

A bunch of zombies near your garden to attack on your plants, so get ready to stop them. Plant vs Zombies is a thrills game with full of action, where you will be fighting to save your plants. There are different groups of zombies around your plant and most of them trying to invade your home of garden. They are quickly reaching your garden, and attacking on your trees and fruits that make trouble to growing your trees in garden. Therefore; you need to make a force to stop them and move back to their station.

In Plant vs Zombies Free Game, you don’t have guns, shelves and other outfits and players to attack back on the zombies, but you have the power of your plants. In your plant, there are bunch of different fruits, trees and vegetables available that make your team powerful because of their unique powers. Every plant of your garden has unique defending force that makes your force powerful. The plant has ability to destroy the army of zombies.

Defending home with plants of your garden is an amazing concept. The concept is reflecting on the screen of your android mobiles, when you’re thinking that, your plants are very important other than else, and you need to save them any cost. It goes amazing when your plant shows the amazing talent to defend your home. These techniques will accomplish your mission to move back the army of zombies.

There are 5 to 6 horizontal lanes planted in the game and zombies are attacking through these lanes in daytime. There are also some exceptional points, where zombies can attack on your defending position, but some time it goes wrong with zombies because of your full defending ability. In these lanes, there are certain plants are there to fight back on zombies.

You can prepare your certain plants in the lanes to attack back on zombies. Initially the game starts at daytime level and later the game goes will night level. In these levels, you can buy more efficient power and skill through paying some real money. There is another way to unfold the skills, you can organize best attacking lanes in the game and get the best rewards on your strategies. These rewards also will unfold the skills and other plants to maximize your force.

When you will be passed the level, and goes to the end, you will face a very hard level in final. The final level begins at nighttime and in this time, fogs will cover the screen except the point, where your plant is fighting. You have another weapon which will cover with seeds of different plants. You can throw these seeds to down zombies on the fields.

Plant vs Zombies Free APK, covered with almost all features that will amaze you, when you start playing on your android mobiles. In the game, zombies are not normal players, they are evils and they have only mission is to eliminate your plant garden. They know, how to attack? and how to demolish your house? Therefore, your only hope is to fight bitterly and get back your property. In the final level, you will face a multiple robot attacks on the ground. There robots prepared and operated by a mad scientist name Dr. Zomboss. The doctor is terrific and disaster for preparing these zombie robots. You can only eliminate these zombies by downing the Dr. Zomboss. You can throw your plant seeds one by one without wasting a single movement.

The initial game mode start with single player, multiplayer and adventures mode. Its depend on your choice for the selection of mode. Later, you can get best points and rewards to purchase seeds for the store. You can also buy the extra powers form the store.

The game also has some extra feature, which is lock by the developers. You can unlock at initial stage by paying money to the developers. If you don’t want to unlock these features by paying money to the developers, then you must play with your best to get better rewards. These rewards will unlock these features.

Plant vs Zombies Free Game, you can unfold different characters in the game. Crazy Dave, Dr. Zomboss and many more by playing on your mobile phone. The game has also best features is the soundtracks. Whenever you will play the game on your mobile phone, you will hear songs related to your characters. There are also multiple characters and features available in the game. You can unveil all these available options in the game through downloading its APK file “Plant vs Zombies Free APK” through the link provided below, the updated version added to the link and perfect for android mobiles and tablets. You can also go with Counter Strike, Criminal Case to get more fun and strategy to improve your skills. 

Download Plant vs Zombies APK from the link and launch to play the game on your smartphone. Download and Enjoy.