Real Drift Car Racing APK Latest v3.5.6 Download for Android Added on Nov 26, 2016

Name: Real Drift Car Racing Developer: RealGames Category: Racing
Version: 3.5.6 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 66

Racing Drift Car Racing is an amazing game tested by the different website and downloaded by the millions of people around the world. We are attaching the Real Drift Car Racing APK file in the link provided below. You need to install the APK file on your mobile phones and launch to play high drift racing game on your mobile phones. The game has been released with improvements and most customization features added in the latest version. We will discuss further these features in the post.

The game is very easy to control on your phone without taking more steps to use the features, you can control your game through your figure tips. The drift is very easy to chase the target. Some features are available on the screen to choose and control your game. The leader-board will show the best guide to control your game without losing your focus. The game has some extra features that will help you to challenge your friend around the world, but you must know their interest for playing the game with you. You can also play the game without attaching other friends in the game.

The 3D graphic and interface of the game is eye catching. Once you will launch the game on your smart phone, then your mobile screen will pick the awesome graphics and interface. You can feel the real racing in different cities and areas. The high resolution of the game makes better in other drift games. All the colors and 3D graphic are customization. You can customize all these colors as per your choice. The game has open controlling system that will make the game differ from other games in racing.

At the initial level of the game, there are some limited features to start the game. The limited cars and limited acceleration and speed powers, but you can upgrade through earning points in the game. In each speed and drift mode, you can earn better points, without losing your game-play. Some critics said that, the game control and drift is little difficult and a player losing control while playing the game first time. It is almost happening in other games too, but after few attempt you will be able to fully control your race.

There are also limited cars available in the first game, but that are enough to start a game. You can choose your cars through testing the mileage and speed over the racing. These cars are limited, but best to play at first levels. You have option to explore more cars in the game through winning the points. These points will help you to unlock new cars and stuff in the game. So, try to get the best points.

Without facing different challenges, the game is not interesting. You can face the challenges in the game. The roads and the areas are cool to race the game, buts the roads turn into different areas where it is difficult to move the car in high-speed. Therefore, sometime It is going to hi outside the borders of the road.  You can explore the docks, mountain, speedway, Tokyo and among the cars available there’s Nissan, Audi and Honda. 

Real Drift Car Racing is an amazing game and its simple control will make your perfect player, but sometime its frustrating steps and over control speeds will make you crazy, but you will have good experience to play the game on your smart phones. You can explore more features and tutorial guide in the game after installing the Real Drift Car Racing APK file on your smart phones. Download the APK package and install on your smartphones. Launch the file and enjoy playing the game. 

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