Root Browser APK Latest v2.3.6 Download for Android Added on Oct 27, 2016

Name: Root Browser Developer: JRummy Apps Inc. Category: Productivity
Version: 2.3.6 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 256

Explore all your android files and take control of your mobile phone’s data through an alternate file mange which is Root Browser APK. The latest version of the app has been released by the developers with important performance, options and feature.

You can download the Root Browser APK from the link provide below without taking any risk. The links fetch the secure APK file from Google Play Store, but before proceeding to download link, let’ consider the cool features of the file.

Root Browser for Android comes with multiple features and updates. You can easily exercise all the features after installing the app on your mobile phones. These are the key features we are sharing below collected through internet searches and reading different articles.

These features will help you to use the app without any difficulty on your android mobile.

  • Root Browser is ultimate file manager for all rooted android device. It also has toolbox which help you to check your functions and you can find more features for free.
  • You can easily find two file managers in this app. This feature makes the app very special for android users.
  • Easily copy, paste batch files and formats in single tap. Options are very simple and you can easily exercise all features with simple options.
  • You can find all your data in one place, the features will also help you to delete or remove files and folders from the menu. Create new files and folders as well.
  • You can browse all folders of your mobile phone, especially explore Apk, rar, zip and other files as well.
  • Once you have browse these files and folders in once place, you can easily send the stuff to others users through email and other file sharing apps.
  • The app allows you to make for some modification, you can change file permission and ownership of the file.

The latest version has been released with more updated features. These features also make this app user-friendly and attractive for browsing files within your smartphone. Let’ discuss some new features below.

  • You can easily bookmark the file on your phone to open directly from the shortcut without access the new folders or app.
  • You can also add your files to sub-directories when its need.
  • Adjust and replace thumbnail for different apps can add with the selected apps.
  • You can also view all your mobiles hidden apps.
  • You can add different new taps to open multiple files on your mobile phone like you're doing in chrome Browser.
  • Busybox check features added in new version.
  • The latest version is compatible for android mobile 1.6 and up and the total size of the app is 3MB.
  • The latest version has been released with improvement of performance and almost all bugs fixed.
  • The app is free from all charges and has no other hidden file are attached.

If you will face any difficulty while using the Root Browser APK on your android mobile or you will face any bugs, feel free to contact with developers on

Note for Users.

Most of the apps are available on the internet in crack version and most of these apps will make you trouble when you’re applying these apps on your mobile phone. Therefore, always keep in mind that you need secure and authentic app to avoid such vulnerability on your phone. The link we're sharing below is a secure APK file which has been fetched directly from Google Play Store, the link provides the latest and updated version of play store.

Download Root Browser APK on your phone and start enjoy unlimited features. Launch and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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