Showbox APK Latest v2.8.3 Download for Android Added on Jan 20, 2017

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It is little big difficult to watch Movies, TV shows, and serial on TV on the exact time because it needs to manage your time to sit in front of TV and watch these shows. Sometime you will miss these shows and never get back to watch especially in famous TV serials. After releasing different android apps, people enjoy watching these shows any time through streaming directly on mobile phones. We are discussing about the ShowBox App, which provides online streaming of movies, TV shows, and serial directly from your mobile phones. The app is free to download and compatible for android mobiles and tablets that allow you to stream unlimited shows directly from your smartphones. Before going to get Showbox APK file, let’s collect some features and installation process to make yourself easy to use the app on your smartphones.

When you’re thinking about the features of ShowBox APK file, then you must know about the size of the APK file. If the file size is heavy and your mobile has no free space for the app, then it will make some critical problem during streaming the videos on your mobile phone. But the ShowBox APK file size is compatible and that will never be darning your battery timing and consumed very low memory space of your mobile phone. The app’s light size will take you to the fast streaming, but it needs your WIFI connection or DATA charges may apply.

Apps that streaming live videos are mostly kept their features in premium version and they want the real money to unlock these features. But when you will download ShowBox APK, then you will access to all free features without paying any single penny to the developers. Not only accessing these free feature, but you can also earn money through playing games and completing different tasks through the app. You can also get this real money through your accounts.

You need to follow some simple steps to earn the money. You can earn money through watching the game videos, point out new games, and winning game contest. You can cash out these earning through your PayPal account or phone bill. The money you will earn through completing the tasks needs to complete without doing that, you will not be able to cash out the money. You should be able to cash out within 30 minutes. If your screen will not show your earning, then you must go to setting and scan for missing points. If you’ve completed the offer before the exact time, or delayed to complete the offer, then you will not earn any points. So, keep eye on the offers and completed accordingly.

You can get daily and weekly updates on your mobile phone about the TV shows, movies, and other serial. You can also get different feature updates directly on your smartphones without following any complex process.

All the videos have their subtitle. You can synchronize subtitles while watching the videos. You can search through subtitles, video names, and list down through the alphabetically searching. The latest version also has the best feature that will give you the free music as well.

You can use MX Player to watch show box video either you can choose your favorite external media player or use VLC Player to watch these videos without any disturbance. These videos use HD quality print and it’s also depends on your internet connection for better streaming.

There are also different features available in the app and you can explore more after installing the Showbox APK on your mobile phone. You can also use these following simple steps to download the APK file on your mobile phones.

How to install ShowBox APK on android mobiles? 

  • First, go to your mobile setting and enable to download APK files from external source.
  • Download ShowBox APK through the link provided below.
  • Locate the APK file in your File Manager, run the APK file to launch.
  • Follow simple onscreen options to complete process.
  • Launch the Showbox form your mobile home screen though ShowBox shortcut.

Is ShowBox is legal?

The question we have put in the post searching by most of users around the globe. Therefore, it is better to clear that, either it is legal or not.

"Showbox APK file is legal and watching movies through the app is legal and you’re not breaking any law to streaming these videos directly from your mobile phone. It also depending on your country law, either there is any law available that provoked to watch these videos. You can also consult your area law expert about this situation either you have faced any misusing app complain by anyone. “

Download ShowBox APK file and enjoy watching videos directly on your mobile phone. 

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