Smash Hit APK Latest v1.4.0 Download for Android Added on Dec 03, 2016

Name: Smash Hit Developer: Mediocre Category: Arcade
Version: 1.4.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 33

Run forthright and smashed everything that make hurdles on your passage through the heavy steel balls. This is not just a step to make your path clear, but the whole game is based on these steps that will clear your way to complete the level. Do you know, whom we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about the Smash Hit game for android, which has been released for android users with newly updated features and some effective design. Through the post, we are sharing Smash Hit APK file to download on any android mobile and tablet. The APK file is free from all charges and have been placed of latest version.

When you will enter in the game, you have few heavy balls on your hand and you are running straightforward to the end of the line. The road has been forsaken with obstacles to make your life end. That’s why, you have the heavy the heavy steel ball to distract every that comes to you. The amazing interface will automatically a challenge for you. When you go forward, you will see certain points where you need to hit and access to the new round. These points are blinking with the lights and you can through your balls by tapping on your mobile screen to hit these points. This is awesome.

Don’t ever think to slow down your speed. You can only slow your speed when you lost your life or end your stages. You have fully controlled on your balls and you need to hit certain point through these balls. As we have said that, the interface of the game is also a challenge for you because the points and upcoming shields are similar with the designs. Therefore, don’t ever try to hit outside the walls. Keep focus on the straight line and tap quickly on your smart phone to smash everything.

You can destroy everything comes on your front and your balls are also breaking the walls in the game, if you’re picking the wrong hit you will lose certain balls you have. These wrong hits will not give you perfect score to uplift your game. These incorrect hits will reduce your ball’s quantity and may be some other wrong hit will cause your game lose. Therefore, always try to hit front doors, mirrors, and walls to break the record levels.

In the map, you will see the blue polyhedral scattered around the line. You have a chance to increase your balls quantity up-to 3 by hitting these points.  You can win 5 more balls after successfully smashing octahedron and more balls through hitting 3D stars. There are also many points that will give you success in the game, if you will smash everything without losing your life. There are also some extra balls will be given to you for a limited time to through fast as you can.

You have a best opportunity to win the multi-ball status in the game. This opportunity will be given to you, if you will hit 10 of the above polyhedral in a row without losing single one. These multi-balls will automatically destroy everything to clear path for you in a single tap. Try this multi-balls opportunity to make a large count on your screen. A player can hit up-to 5 balls in one tap.

Sometimes, you can face electric doors on your way, these doors are not easy to destroy. To open these doors, you must hit at the top of the blue button, where a point is blinking. When your ball hit the point, then the door automatically will open your player. If you have missed that point, then probably you will lose your life by hitting the door.

There are also more challenging obstacles comes in front of you after clearing some stages. When you will move next stages, you will face some more obstacles and mind blowing tips. There are two portions included in the game, one from racing game and other from action game. You will get a best experience of racing game and action game in a single smash game. There is no guarantee to win the game, but there are many chances to lose the game. So, try the game on your mobile and establish the points that, developers are wrong because the game has the more chances to win not to lose.

Smash Hit APK file is free from all charges and you will exercise all features on your smartphone. Like all other action and racing games, Smash Hit APK is free to play, but some features are in premium version. You can pay to developer a very small amount of money to buy these features, even in the first level.

Try Smash Hit APK and get ready to smash everything to win the game. Forget about constructive mode. Destroy everything with Smash Hit Game.

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