Temple Run 2 APK Latest v1.38 Download for Android Added on Oct 29, 2016

Name: Temple Run 2 Developer: Imangi Studios Category: Arcade
Version: 1.38 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 49

Temple Run 2 is a great android arcade game with more than hundred million of downloads around the globe. Without making any mistake just run and follow the way very carefully to reach the last position to get the points. It is a game, where you can save your player and move to the safe point. The passage is also covered with different blockages and obstacles.

Temple Run 2 is related from the game temple run, if you’ve played the temple run game on your phones, then you can easily pass the levels in Temple Run 2. Once you have install the APK file on your smart phone, then install on your smart phones, once installation will be complete, a message will occur on your smartphone to run the game without any further process. You will need to go through the game play option, now the player automatically run towards the directions. You just need to focus on your player and keep safe from the monkey, which is running behind your player. If the monkey succeeded to catch your player, then you will loss a life, because there is no mercy from the monkey. J

At the starting point, the object will start running and you don’t need to do anything for this. Just focus to save your player from the monkey running behind you. As we have said there is no mercy, so be sure to move your player left and right site to keep save the object’s life.

There are also multiple features added in the latest version. The game will take you to the forest and temples and you need to keep your players safe. Not only safe place is good for your player, you also need to collect coins and gifts to get the best powers. You can exchange these coins to buy powers and costume to your player.

There are different obstacles around your destination. You can move your player through swiping on your smart phone. You can swipe right and lift side to play safely. The player will move as per your fingertips. If you need to jump up the wall, then you just swipe up to clear the tasks.

If you will play your level and stages with very good points, then you will get rewards more powers and these powers may help to break the obstacles on the road sites. There are also different levels and stages, which will make you more powerful, if you will complete those levels safely.

You can also get more than one character on temple run 2 apk. These other players have also their own different powers and position. These extra players will help your player to complete the tasks in a better way. The new version also has added more powers for the characters and more obstacles for the character. It’s up to you, how you can manage to run in forest and temples where no one will catch you.

This is the game, which is about to get the high score around your friends. Once you have reach high score and complete your stage/ level, the score will multiply automatically and you will be able to buy something better for your player and run fast as you can.

The new version of Temple Run 2 APK comes with amazing interface and new fictions. Now the jungle and other temples are having impressive designed. It’s impressive style and graphics are eye catching. Once you have installed Temple Run 2 APK file on your smart phone, then you will enjoy its unlimited features and heart shattering routs.

If you’re running 2.3+ mobile version, then the game is perfect for your mobile. The game is also compatible for android tablets. The game has 3D graphics; therefore, you just need to speed up your mobile through clear catching files and memory. If you have dumped memory with different apps and games, then use Link2SD App to move these apps and games from your internal memory to external phone memory.

If you’re also love to play running games, then you can choose Need for Speed and Subway Surfers for your android mobile and tablets. Escape form the cruel forces and jump to the next wall and run faster. Once you will pass the level you will be able to get more rewards, and you can also multiply your point quickly.

You can easily contact with developers on and report if you face any bug or difficulty. We hope that you will not find any bug on the game because of the latest version has been released with improvement of performance and almost all bugs fixed.

Download Temple Run 2 Apk from the link provided below and install directly on your smartphones. The link is safe and secure to download. After installation on your smart phone, keep running.