Thumb Drift - Furious Racing APK Latest v1.3.1.232 Download for Android Added on Nov 25, 2016

Name: Thumb Drift - Furious Racing Developer: SMG Studio Category: Racing
Version: Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 38

Thumb Drift is a furious game will play with only one hand. Control the race with your thumb. It is an easy and speed racing game hold millions of downloads. After releasing the latest version, the game took a popular vote on different website because of its free features and updated acceleration. Thumb Drift APK file is available to download. Go through the link provided below and install the game on your smart phones. The game is free from all charges and most exciting features are free to exercise.

Like other games, thumb drift is also having some tapped features that needs your high scores to untapped. These features are included the powerful cars, other special racing active parts and tips. The APK file we have attached in the link is free from all charges and you don’t need to pay any penny to developers, but because of the developer’s guidelines, you need to pay to unlock the extreme features of the game.

In this article, we will discuss the features, which you’re going to apply on the game. The game made in a high acceleration and furious system where you need to be more careful to drive your cars on the roads. Small misshapes will destroy your car and you will not be able to lock the level to move next. Therefore, keep focus on the roads. The zig zap style road will give the best challenge to drive the cars. Some of the reviewers said that, the game losing control while moving towards the zig zag style, but we believe that, after few exercises you will be able to move faster than normal speed. Therefore, if you will face any trouble in initial level, then don’t be disappoint, you will give your best in next move.

When you go with your first level, you have only few cars available to start your game. The information on screen will identify the cars mileage and other features. You can try within the limited features. You can get more cars with earning coins in the game. If you’re a fast track, then you will find some coins and golds on the road. You can collect these coins to uplift your game capacity to unlock other cars.

The addictive game play will make your day joyful. There are almost 50+ cars available to unlock in the game. You cannot unlock these cars, unless you will not perform. The game is simply the best to control with your thumb. Do not need to use multiple figure. Push back the car to speed up and turn left or right to control over different zig zag road turns. In different platforms says that, the game also needs some codes to unlock features, so I am sharing Iluvblue Grimsby. Other codes are also available in different sites. You can go to setting on menu and try the codes. Hope these will work.

There are some points and targets are available in the game. You can hit these points to unlock some features. You will face some stuck in the first level because of new racing and command on the cars. In the first level, you can drift between two boxes and hit the snowman to get some extra points. This activity will unlock a tractor for your race. At the second level, you need to hit the blue cow to unlock the moon buggy. Most of the time, it is seen behind the fence, but sometime you will see at the object on roadside. So, take your full attention and get the best shot.

There are also multiple features available in the game, you can unlock one by one with your best racing capacity. You can explore all these features after installing Thumb Drift APK file on your android mobiles. We are sharing Thumb Drift APK file only, if the game needs any other data, then you will go with any external source to download on your smartphones.

Download Thumb Drift APK on your smart phone and enjoy the game.

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