True Liker APK Latest v2.5.1 Download for Android Added on Sep 05, 2017

Name: True Liker Developer: Apental Category: Social
Version: 2.5.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 659

True Liker APK is a simple app to get likes on facebook accounts. There are hundred apps available on the internet, but true liker app is simple and fast among these apps. I am sure that all other apps are also best for their services and features, but true liker apk is getting appreciation from the users for the service available in the app. You can download True Liker APK through the link provided below, but before going to download, let’s have a look about the features of the app. These features will help you to use the app easily on your mobile phone.

  • The app is simple to user.
  • The app is free from all charges. Only shows ads on your mobile phone.
  • The app will never spam your account.
  • The app using real users to get likes.
  • The app is compatible for android mobiles and tablets.
  • The APK file is small and never use heavy space on your mobile phone.
  • The app is never effect your mobile speed.
  • The app has been tested by the user online.
  • The app will increase massive likes on your activities.
  • You can use your photos, videos, and updates to get likes.
  • The app is user-friendly with simple process.
  • The app is not limited for the likes only, you can use for comments as well.
  • All likes are receiving from the real users.
  • Hundreds of the likes on single submit.

There are also more than above features available in the app and once you will install the app on your mobile phone, you can use all features on your phone, but you need to follow some instructions to keep safe while using any auto liker app on your mobile phone. You can follow these steps to make easy for your auto liker app. If you don’t follow these instruction, the app will not work on your mobile phone.

  • Allow third part application to download from your mobile setting.
  • Go to your facebook account setting and allow people to follow your on facebook.
  • Make all your post visible to public. Through facebook account setting, choose “Public” as your audience.
  • Allow True Liker APK to access your facebook account’s basic information. The app will only use your posts and basic information to get likes on your selected post from the remote platform.
  • Once you will reached the home page of the app, you need to generate access token.
  • Go through the link and copy new page full URL and paste the home page accordingly. All instructions are available on the home page.
  • Now choose the available service and start submitting your content.

Follow the above instructions and download True Liker APK through the link below and launch the APK file. Enjoy.

True Liker
659 Installs