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There are many online messaging applications in the world with millions of registered monthly users. Out of few are the most reliable and stable for the users. Everyone can easily put examples of the Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger as the best among others, but here another great example available in this connection. We are talking about the Viber, which is simple among others messaging applications, which carrying millions of users around the globe. Viber providing free platform for sending messages, video calling, and instant videos through the Viber users without applying any penny from users. All the services are free for everyone, but the condition is, your friends must install Viber on their smartphones and sync with their phone contact list.

There are multiple features available in the updated version of the Viber. You can easily exercise without getting any hurdles on your smartphones. The only thing you need to care is your data charge. If you’re using Viber on your mobile phone, then you must have an WIFI connection for face-to-face calling. You can also enjoy speed calling with 3G or 4G internet connections. You don’t need to pay any extra amount to the developers or internet service providers to avail these features.

When you install and launch the Viber on your smartphones, the process will go through the simple steps. No signup requires for the service, you just need a registered contact number to log in. When you will enter your number the app will automatically synchronize with your contact numbers. The app will automatically identify those numbers, which are using Viber on their smartphones. Once you will sync your contact, you can easily communicate with your friends easily through an internet connection.

You can choose your internet connection to call your friends. If you’re using 3G or 4G internet connection, then you can use the extreme high quality videos calling on your smartphone. Sometime, in other applications, the video quality depends on your smartphone. If your mobile phone preferring the high-quality videos, then you can exercise as the same, but Viber has quality to stream the high-quality videos on your smartphone, doesn’t matter which phone you have. Just click to call and enjoy.

What does, if your friends are not using Viber on their smartphones? In this scenario, you can communicate with the friends that are not using Viber on their mobile number or landline number using Viber platform. The feature is not free, but the cheapest in the world. In very low cost, you can dial to your friends on their landline numbers.

The platform provides you to send the longest messages to your friends. These messages contain 700 words, which is simply a best to send letter or memos. Most of the offices using Viber to share their daily up-to date reports. You can also send photos, and instant video messages to your friends. You just need to tap and hold to record your video message up-to 30 seconds to send and share with Viber contacts.

A simple alert notification on the screen will appear, when you will receive a message, video, and call from any other Viber users. It is the best option to create groups of your family, friends, and colleagues to discuss jointly. You can add more than 300 members in these groups. When someone joined the group, a notification will appear on your smartphone. You can also moderate the groups and if you feel any misbehave in the group, then you can band the member to participate in the group discussion.

Another feature, which make Viber very special to everyone is its damage control option. The option is helpful to control your profile damages. If you think that a conversation gone very bad for your personality, then you can delete your whole conversation with just a simple delete option, even if the message already has been send to anyone. The control will secure you from any misbehave in social sites.

The latest version updated with the unique features for free. If you want to set the conversation for deletion in specific time period, then you can use the new features to do that. You can set the limit for the photos, videos, and messages, then enable self-destruct. The option will remove the conversation after being open. This will keep your messages secret. You can also clear all your messaging history from the conversation. All your history will remove, even your conversation send history as well. Others will never use your conversation later, once you will remove from your timeline.

Follow different brands and account through Viber social communication platform. You can also comment and send your feed-backs about the products and accounts. You can also feel your reaction through sticker and emoji’s latest shapes.

There are many other features available in the system that need to explore on your mobile phone. Therefore, you need to download Viber APK file on your android mobile phones through the link below and launch. Just follow onscreen options to complete the process. The APK file is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. The link contain Viber APK file only. Download and Enjoy.

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