YeeCall Free Video Call Chat APK Latest v4.3.7069 Download for Android Added on Jul 17, 2017

Name: YeeCall Free Video Call Chat Developer: YeeCall Network Limited Category: Communication
Version: 4.3.7069 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 28

Among the thousands of social applications, it is not easy to get the top position fortnightly. YeeCall Free Video Calls and Chat APK has considered one of these applications that they are getting huge appreciation for their best services. This is not just an app, this is a platform where millions of users around the globe have connected with their friends, families and relative to communicate face-to-face. You can join the network after installing the app on your smartphones. If you’re android user and using android mobiles and tablets, then you can easily manage your profile in YeeCalls Free Video Calls and Chat APK after installing the app on your android devices.

YeeCall APK comes with unlimited features that make this app popular among other communication application. It is better to know the features that are providing by the developers before going to install on your mobile phones, here some features are for you to understand the app.

Not only 1x1 videos chat available on the platform, but it also enhances the quality of video calling when you will go with video chatting groups. Yes, the app is also supporting group chatting either these chats are in text or videos. You can communicate with others through videos and as well as you can go through as sms style. All the chats are secure and editable. The platform is not only restricted for families, relatives, and other loved ones, but you can manage your list to fill the users around the globe.

A high video quality is another great feature of the app. You cannot imagine the quality of video chatting in other platforms, which is providing by the YeeCall Free Videos and Chat App. Either you’re in one by one communication or using multiple users in the group. The video quality will never lose the trust on their quality. Advance Noise Removing technology is great update system of YeeCall developers. If you’re in communication with more than two or three members, then the ANRT clear your voice to remove the disturbing noises automatically. ANRT remain always the best tool, yeecall have that one.

Not only the video quality, Yee Call has a different sound controlling system. Once you will start communication with your friends, then you will receive the best sound from the other side. The sound and voice clearance taken first line among the apps. As we discussed earlier that the ANRT is there for you to remove the noises to make clearance on the chatting. It is applying in the chatting, when someone send the text, then the app will never break your communication with others. The notification panel is there for you to prepare you for the replies. You can reply with text without breaking your video call.

The app is best for those countries where 2G still the best network of communication. The platform is simple and very easy to use in slow internet connections. Large scale of users from these countries have the YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat APK. The developers are guaranteed that they are never compromise their quality even in the slow internet connection. You can get full quality in videos and sound without any miserable effects.

The latest version has been released with more video quality enhancement and bug fixed. Now the stable communication with high quality video available in 2G network. You can enjoy 3G or 4G communication in 2G network.

Download YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat APK through the link below and install on your mobile phone. Locate the APK file, launch, and follow onscreen options to complete the process. Download and enjoy.

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