Zombie Tsunami APK Latest v3.3.0 Download for Android Added on Dec 03, 2016

Name: Zombie Tsunami Developer: Mobigame S.A.R.L. Category: Arcade
Version: 3.3.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 53

Have you ever played a game to invade all things around you to win the trophies and powers? No, then try Zombie Tsunami. The game basically designed to play with zombies and eat and invade everything around you to get the highest score. The game compatible for android mobiles and tablet and free to download and play. The game has unique style and theme that will give you the best gaming experience to play in normal mode with zombies. You can download Zombie Tsunami APK file from the link below and launch to play the game on your smart phones. The APK file is clean and safe to download.

Zombie Tsunami comes with amazing features and immense game-play experience. The developers have designed with most attractive graphics and unique style. You can start the game with your zombies and get all around you. There is no mercy for everyone that comes to your line. When you will start play the game on your mobile phone, you will see many people and shapes are trying to portray helping posture to seek help from others. These shapes and objects are your first bonus point. You know that you’re a zombie. Therefore, there is no mercy for other. Invade everything and get best points to come out from the piggy points.

At the first level, you will start the game with a single zombie and later levels and time, you can add more zombies to the group and make a zombie’s force. In the Zombie Game, you’re fighting with zombies, but in this game, you will prove yourself as invader. After establishing some points, you will be given extra points that will make you powerful. All your zombies transform to a single zombie with special power to destroy everything, even the cruel forces that will be danger for you.

The graphics and the style of the game is eye catching and you will love the game and ignore that if anyone is crying for help. The game has best and simple control on your hand. All your characters are controllable and you can easily control with a simple tap. The game has its own strike and each zombie will play to end. You can continue with a single zombie and add other zombies in the line later. There is almost everything that will give you to the best game-play experience.

Like other game Plant Vs Zombies and temple run, there are also some forces that will try to turn down your zombie’s line. same as other games, there are also obstacles available in the game to turn down your stage. The road is so tacky and you will face some destruction of roads. You need to threw up all your zombies to jump from one aside to the other without losing a single zombie between these two connection because there are no bridges available to connect these two roads. If you will lose the zombies, then you will lose your zombie force and may cause of losing your power to end the level.

There are also fighting helicopters available in the game to bomb on your zombies. You can also find some planted bombs in the road and some fast-speedy cars racing on the road to eliminate your zombies from the game. Therefore, you need to be more careful and jump up to avoid hitting these planted bombs. You can also use smash hitting by your special power. Collect everything that comes in front of you. These collections will give you the points and score. Check your scoreboard and replace your point to add more zombies in the line.

There are also more interesting features are available. Some of these features are in premium version and these need your real money to unfold. Zombie Tsunami APK file is free from charges and free to download. Install Zombie Tsunami APK on your mobile phone and enjoy playing. 

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