Clash of Clans (COC) APK Latest v9.105.9 Download for Android Added on Nov 14, 2016

Name: Clash of Clans (COC) Developer: Supercell Category: Strategy
Version: 9.105.9 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 277

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game, which holds million users around the world. In this game, you can build your own army and fight with other players to get rewards. In this game your opponents are other players which are also attacking your players to get more point than you. The leader-board will automatically add your scores, rewards and show the numbers to exchange these rewards for getting best outfits and skills to your players.

The game first launched in 2012 and released different updates and version from time to time. These updates never effect game performance and added more users to the network of COC. In facebook and other social media platforms, the game is popular and opposing other games as well. You can choose single and multiplayer options to play the game on your android mobiles. All the features are free to exercise on your phone, except some features which need your real money to get. These features are important for higher level. We will disclose all the features on the post, that will give the best game experience on your mobile phone.  

The first thing you need to do is to build your own army to attack on your opponents. The other players are your opponents and you need to destroy them or eliminate them from the game to get best achievements. Perhaps these achievements will helpful for getting the best skills and powers. You also need to defend your own houses and area and fight back to free the land for your own army. The games fighting features will give you the power to beat your rivals without going long battle.

In Clash of Clans game, you can prepare your community and train in multi-talent fighting skills and start destroying the enemies. Once you will eliminate these greedy enemies, you will be rewarding the gold storage and elixir collectors and storage. These storage and collector will be giving you the best protecting shield for your players and best skills of the battle and these skills will helpful to eliminate the other players without wasting a single movement. If you want to destroy the enemies in larger scale, then you need to fight the first rounds with your full confidence.

When you will discover larger scale area, then you can discover more community players for fighting. Just preparing the community is not a winning tactic, therefore, it your deputy to make them as soldier. You can train these communities and make a soldier troop to fight in high-level because you need to conquer villages and towns in the game. These towns will give you the higher reputation in playing.

We have discussed that you can earn Gold and elixir in this game. The gold will helpful to build defensive buildings to access the town hall. The town hall will helpful to get access more buildings in the game. You can use these buildings for attacking and defensive purpose. Elixir will use to train new troops through laboratories and prepare your troops to upgrade your buildings and town halls. When you will be higher stages in the game, then you will allow to access dark elixir which help you to build new horses, dark inferno and dark spells to boost your player’s powers and defensive strategies.

There are different stages available in the game. At initial level, you can choose which option will helpful to apply on your phone. In different stages, you can unfold different buildings and features to explore more players. These stuffs including cannons, mortars, bombs, teslas, traps, archer towers, wizard towers, inferno towers and eagle artillery and many more. You can also upgrade these buildings and troops walls for safety.

There are two kinds of barracks and two kinds of spells factory offered in the games Clash of Clans. The barracks helpful to create troops and the normal spells factory creates supper spells with help of elixir. You can create several troops and villages to fight the battle with highly defensive strategies. Asides from the above achievements, you can earn gems and coins in the game. We have discussed in Subway Surfers, Cut the Rope and Criminal Case about the use of these gems and coins using to work faster than a normal way. You can also upgrade to these troop to build wall quickly.

In the game, you can also reveal clan wars. Clan wars are group of player that will join your team to support you. These clans will helpful to build clan castles and special buildings. This is not only on your side, the other side also using all these tactics to beat you on the ground. They are also preparing troops, builds high defensive walls and buildings. You need to be more careful to play the game on your smart phones.

There are also multiple features are available in the game. You can unfold all these features after installing Clash of Clans APK file from the link below and launch on your smart phones. We are only installing the game APK in the post. The Clash of Clans APK is free to download. You don’t need to pay any amount to anyone for installing the APK file on your android mobiles and tablets. Just Download Clash of Clans APK from the link below and enjoy playing the game on your smart phones.