Pokémon GO APK Latest v0.69.0 Download for Android Added on Jan 17, 2017

Name: Pokémon GO Developer: Niantic, Inc. Category: Adventure
Version: 0.69.0 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 48

Go around your real word and find Pokémon to create a better game-play. Pokémon Go based on your real location where you can find the Pokémon around you. You need to just find these Pokémon and through the Poké ball on them. Once your ball hit these piggy and mouse then you will earn them and able to include on your net. It can be happening only when you will download Pokémon GO APK file on your smartphones. Install the Pokémon Go APK through the link below and launch on your android mobiles and tablets.

The game came into the people net after releasing its first version a year back with some favorable and unfavorable critic reviews. It was just a concept to engaged people to get up and go around the cities and explore more around them. It is not a game that will allow you to sit on your chair and explore the game levels, you need to go outside your city and travel around the country. The Pokémon characters are not physically appearing in the real world, but it indicates only on your mobile phone to move new locations. When you will reach the point where your mobile phone indicates you will see a character on your mobile phone. You need to just through the ball by tapping on your mobile screen. If you hit the ball on the character before its disappearance, you will be able to earn good points.

After launching the game on your smartphones, you need to create an account to start playing. You can select and avatar and the avatar will appear on your geo location area. The geo location map will indicate you whether you need to go and find the Pokémon. The app will use GPS system and find your location automatically. Your movement will appear on your mobiles and whenever you will reach near to Pokémon, then your mobile will indicate you through vibration. You need to stop there and through ball on your smart phone to capture the Pokémon. Once you will hit the Pokémon, then it will take few second to join your net.

You need to move physically nearly places and avatar will automatically move according to the map. You can find different characters in the field. For example, water-type character only can find at lakes side and rivers sides. You can go with different shopping malls, streets, restaurants, and other Pokémon stops to find more species.

There are multiple rewards and game level options available in the Pokémon Go that will give you the power up to capture more pieces. Once you will successfully capture a Pokémon character to your net, then you will give the more powers and rewards. Success is related to your finding of characters and capturing, depending on how many characters you have found, and how many balls you use to hit these characters.

When you will complete more levels, you will see more challenges in the game. These Pokémon species are not giving easy task to capture them. The will retaliate and they will try to disappear from your mobile screen. Sometime you will see the movement, when you try to hit these characters. They will jump across your mobile screen to disappear from your mobiles, but you will never lose your balls to hit them. Just try and captures. When you will complete your level five, then you can fight with Pokémon to capture and join gym to join three colors coded teams. These teams are including (red for Team Valor, blue for Team Mystic, or yellow for Team Instinct). These teams will act as factions of Pokémon Go world.

After first release of the game, the game gone viral around the world and first the game hit 500 million and more downloads. Now the game called as one of the influential game in the world. The game was initially released for the selected countries, but after the developers released for more countries. The game also available in different languages. The game also need GPS system to track your location on GEO Based location sites.

The game is free to play on your mobile phone, but some features are in purchasing mode. When you will complete some levels, these features need to make your move. You can enjoy the free version of Pokémon Go and we are sharing the free version of the game.

Download Pokémon Go APK file through the link below and install the file on your smartphone. You can enjoy the game while launching on your android mobiles and tablets.

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