Angry Birds APK Latest v6.1.5 Download for Android Added on Nov 05, 2016

Name: Angry Birds Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Category: Arcade
Version: 6.1.5 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 81

Angry Birds is a fun-loving game, which is an emerging and most android game around the globe. After releasing its updated features especially on Halloween, it is becoming the most loved. You can download Angry Birds APK file to play the game on your android mobiles and tablets. The basic concept of the game is to get those things which belongs to you, but some other greedy objects steels from you.

Angry Birds are always keen to protect their own things and they don’t want others to annoyance these things, but the way go not rights as they think. There is a group of pigs available in the game, which stealing the eggs, which belongs to the birds. The survival of Angry Birds is at stake. They want to fight back with these greedy pigs to get back their eggs.

This is not a simple task to fight with pigs in the game. You need to choose your moves in high attentions. The birds are always needs your best move to speed up the power to destroy the pigs everywhere in the games. You need to carry out bird’s warriors to destroy the fortresses of the pigs.

The game hold more than 190 levels, each level contains most exciting points and tasks. When the angry birds move towards the pig’s fortresses, then they are facing the real power form the pigs. You need to complete power and force to destroy each fortress to get back your eggs from these pigs safely. When you will play each task with high attention then you will get your stars and points in the game. These points will make your army of birds more powerful.

That is not so easy to destroy the pig’s fortress. Its needs your skills, power and intelligence to move quickly. Your best score will give you the best knowledge, power and skill for achieving the goals. Each level and tasks will give you more power to fight in wide range area. Manage your Angry Birds in a warrior form to destroy the pigs fort.  This is all going to happen in your Angry Birds Apk game.

When you complete a stage, and destroy the pigs fort, then you will find another open level of pigs which will fight back with Angry Birds to get back their place. They might also be using different numerous armaments to destroy your army. You need better play to get the high power to destroy the pigs in each stage. Without getting high power and weapons your Angry Birds will not fight long with these greedy pigs.

In this game, green Pigs steal the eggs of angry birds and making their love to these eggs. The birds decided to get back these eggs form the green pigs. The pigs are hiding in the jungle, street and building to save the eggs. The pigs fighting with blocking the roads with different materials and using different techniques to stop Angry Birds. They are using ice, snow, storm clouds and sand to send Angry Birds to the home.

You can destroy these pigs through directly hit and destroying their forts by flying directly from the top. Once you will destroy the one army unit of Pigs, you will be given by one star and this star will worth of your full army and you can earn more stars in the game. These stars will make your Angry Birds more powerful and energetic.

Once you will destroy the units of pigs, then they are making a new army of Bad Pigs, which hold the most powerful strength to fight back to Angry Birds. The bad pigs holding new strategies to save the eggs. You need to fight with your full attention and skill to eliminate all these enemies and get back the eggs safely.

The game is exciting and better to play in an eye-catching interface and design. Each character in the game holds unique moves and strength. Once you will start playing, then the game will never let you go without completing the level. You can pause the game any-time, when you need to do some other work urgently, and you can start can start the game you have left before.

The updated version of Angry Birds APK is more attractive and interesting. Each character from both-sides are powerful with unique techniques. Whenever you will go new level or task, the information will show automatically on your mobile scree. You can easily play the game on your smart phone.

Some features in the game are in premium version. You need to pay real money to purchase these features to double your Angry Birds powers and you will also need to tolerate some ads on your smartphone.  You can also go with Subway Surfers and Unkilled games to explore more action and fun. Download Angry Birds APK from the link and install on your smart phone. The APK file is safe and added the latest version. Install and Enjoy.

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