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Facebook is a large social networking site in the world with not less than 1.6 billion users of the world. Ten years back, only few campuses could use the thefacebook on their campuses and later the network increase to register users around the world. Meanwhile, the name thefacebook change to facebook and allow users from age 13 and above to use the networking sites on their computers, mobiles, laptops, and tablets. As a student of Harvard, Zuckerberg started coding a website that initially sharing the photos around the campuses. He also faces some charges by the Harvard administration due to breaching the security protocols and hacking the network site. But later, the decision was turndown and after the inspiration of his first project he worked on thefacebook to the student few campuses of Harvard.

After ten years, now the facebook is an emerging and the fastest growing social media networking site and more than 1.6 billion users registered in this platform. Millions of companies and brands registered their professional brand and companies name in the facebook and the company emerge once again as a marketing platform in the world. Facebook also gathered people around the globe in one place. The platform also giving the best space to share ideas and exchange the education and other related information the readers and followers.

Facebook released for everyone on Sep 26, 2006. People around the world registering their name in the platform on the age of 13 and above. The status update was initially likely to be the best way to communicate ideas and thoughts with the registered people. After few updates of information and rules, facebook added sharing photos and videos as well. The live video streaming was firstly opened for the mobile and tablets users, but now the live streaming is available on desktop computers as well.

As we know that the facebook is open social platform where people sharing videos, photos, thoughts in a second after signing in with their valid email address. If you have no email address, then it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to register yourself on the facebook. You can use your personal mobile number to register yourself in the platform.

In 2011 facebook reported that they are removing more than 10, 000 profiles due to spamming and reported violating rules of the platform, but still there are thousands of spam pages and accounts available on the internet and people facing large number of spam messages and key inviting pages on their account. Facebook also facing some local checks of telecommunication authorities in the world. Most of countries not giving access to their public to use the platform and many countries charging from their users to use the free service.

Today, billions of people around the world using facebook to keep update their friends, families, and relatives about their daily activities. Local companies and brands also using the platform to keep update their users and staff about the recent changes of the company and product. We can say that facebook is a mini world, you can keep this world with you on your smartphone. You can take the facility anywhere in the world.

There are thousands of sources available on the internet, where you can find the facebook APK file to install the package on your smartphone. If you’re here, then it is good. You can download facebook APK through the link provided below and launch the APK file on your android mobiles and tablets. If you’re using 2G internet connection or slow connectivity, then you can use Facebook Lite APK to avoid trouble in unstable internet connection.

After installing the APK file on your smartphones, launch the file and follow onscreen options to complete installation. Register your name in the platform with providing required information. Create your social profile and search people that really matters to you. Send friend request and wait to connect on your network. You can also support people to gather information and if you’re a company owner or marketer, then you can easily promote your product through the platform. You can use free service of promotion or make a good move to create ads on facebook. That count thousands on few payments.

Download facebook APK file and enjoy the platform on your mobiles and tablets.