Subway Surfers APK Latest v1.74.0 Download for Android Added on Oct 22, 2016

Name: Subway Surfers Developer: Kiloo Category: Arcade
Version: 1.74.0 Updated: Jul 22, 2017 Downloads: 484

Run fast as you can and present yourself as hero in Subway Surfers APK an Android Arcade Game. You can find the latest Android Package Kit (APK) from the link below. The latest version 1.61.0 (100) comes with multiple features and important updates. Install Subway Surfers APK and launch on your android mobiles and tablets.

Subway Surfers is compatible for android mobiles and tablets, but you need your android operating system 4.0 and 4.0.2 and up to use all features of the game. The game has multi-million fan following and growing day by day. All these fans have been satisfied with this game performance and showing their interest on the game.

Once you have installed the games on your mobile phone, you don’t need to go through a long process to start playing. It is easy and simple game among other Android Games. If you’re thinking that, you will face any difficulty while playing your first level, then we are here to share some important features to put you in comfort zone.

The game is about to travel around the globe and secure lives of people whenever you see people are trouble in the road or in the streets sides. The game turns you as normal person to a hero and you will be awarded with coins, luxurious and gifts. These coins help you to buy more interesting stuff for your hero. To get these coins and luxuries gifts, it is necessary to help people whenever you see them in trouble.

Start exploring the world, but it is not an easy task. In this game, you can face different cruel forces and intelligent officers which are against your way. You need to take care of yourself and save yourself and then go to save people those are under threats. These actions will give you reward and theses reward help you to get more power for the game.

All the forces which are holding killer dogs will always keep eyes on your moves and tours. They want to kick back to you the station where you have started your journey, but you need to be more careful and save your hero and take safe passage to reach next station. This will make you the real hero and your dream will come true to complete your tour around the world.

In the new version, you can visit and race in the most favorite cities of Japan and you can easily change your dress and your racing points as per the road and street situation. These new addition makes the game perfect. If you see the forces with guns and fires, then you will select costume to avoid any mishaps.

You can select different outfits to your surfers, it’s up to you which one is your favorite outfit and how you considered new dresses to move bitterly. Your coins and other rewards help you to purchase new outfits and purchase some more interesting stuff.

The total size of the Android Package Kit is 59 MB and you need to space more than 60Mb on your phone to exercise all features. you can also contact developers on for any issue.

You can also participate in hunting competition and if you’re good in shooting, then you can earn more points and reward in these great weekly hunting prices. It is also depending on your speed and moves. If you want to test your speed on the game download Need for Speed No Limits APK and enjoy racing here.

The latest version of the game released with more improvement of performance and bugs fixed. Millions of people around the globe using the game as their first choice.

  • Install the Subway Surfers APK from the link below.
  • Find APK file on your phone or look in File Manager.
  • Launch APK file and follow onscreen option to complete installation and enjoy the game as one of the best in the net world. 

Download Subway Surfers Apk from the link below and enjoy playing the game on your android mobiles and tablets. 

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